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Homework Help: alberaic method!

Posted by allana on Thursday, October 19, 2006 at 7:12pm.

how do I convert 0.12... to a fraction using algebraic method?

Isn't 0.12 twelve hundreths?

12/100 = 6/50 and it can be reduced further.

I'm not sure what is meant by "algebraic method" here, but .12 is the same as 12/100
Generally, if you have a decimal like
.xy...z then place the numbers xy...z over a 1 followed by the a zero for each decimal place.
If you had .7 then that's the same as 7/10
If you had .12 (your number) then it's 12 over 1 followed by two 0's
If you had .112 then it'd be 112/1000
Get the idea?

but is not followed just by 2 zeros the zeros conitnue!

I'm not sure what you mean. All we're concerned with in turning the decimal into into a fraction is the non-zero digits. Trailing zeroes, the ones following the last non-zero digit, don't matter.
Is the complete number .12, I mean all of the non-zero digits?

How do you turn .83 into a fraction, I don't want to see 83/100 I know that. With out a calculator had do you do this. Show me the long on paper step by step. I know it comes out to be 5/6 and I can turn this into .83 but I am lost on how .83 turns into 5/6.

I need HELP..............

Please help!

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