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man alive! can someone check for me?

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I am so bad when it comes to mathI I think I am slow! okay so my question is :
a recrusive sequence is defined by tn= 2tn-1, where t1= 5
define the first five terms of this sequnce:

so would I go like this to figure them out:
2tn-1, where t1= 5

2(5)(1-1)= 0
so the frist 5 are: 0, 10, 20, 30,40

am I correct or am I doing it horribley wrong?

okay there is a part b!

it says would the points of the sequence, (n,Tn), lie on the graph of an exponentail function, linear function or neithr?

I would have to say neither
am I wrong?

You have tn = 2tn-1 - 1, where t1= 5
I think your second term is wrong.
t2 = 2t1 - 1 =2*5-1 = 9
t3 = 2t2 - 1 =2*9-1 = 17
t4 = 2t3 - 1 =2*17-1 = 33
You're not "horribly" wrong, but you probably just need to see how to get started.

The fist few points look like
n Tn

  • man alive! can someone check for me? - ,

    okay now can anyone hellp me too

  • man alive! can someone check for me? - ,

    i also need help

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