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My question is what is the molar mass of 1.00 mol of Li? Can you explain in detail and I have another question: What is the molar mass od 1.00 mol of Ag but if you help me with the first question, then can you just tell me to the other by myself so I can see if I did it right

By definition, the mass of one mole of an element is the atomic weight of that element, in grams.

For instance, magnesium, its atomic weight is 24.3 (see your periodic table), so the mass of one mole of magnesium is 24.3 grams. Neat.

Look on the periodic table and see what the atomic mass of Li is. I think it is about 6.94? grams.

Okay so what do I do next Dr. Bob222, do I say that Li's molar mass is about 6.94g/mol and for 1.00mol of Ag. I say 107.87g/mol for its molar mass

Almost. The about 6.94 I gave you is because I don't remember all those little numbers. You look up the atomic weight on the periodic table and use that number. Mine lists 6.941 but I was too lazy to look it up when you asked initially. I just remembered it was 6.94 something. Rounded to 5 places, you are correct that silver is 107.87 grams.

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