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Given y = 2x – 4, choose the statement that accurately describes this line.

The slope is 2 and the y intercept is 4.

The slope is 2 and the y intercept is -4.

The slope is 4 and the y intercept is 2.

The slope is -4 and they y intercept is 2.

The equation of a line is
y = mx + b. Where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. So, you can see in your example that the correct answer is the second one.

And this is also an easy way to graph equations like your other question!

The y-intercept is where the line crosses the y-axis, so you can put that poing on the graph, and then the slope is how steep it is...

BUT i JUST DON'T GET IT!Can you give me your e-mail so that you can get a graph and show it to me?

Sorry, can't give out e-mail.
Can you try to be more specific about what you're not understanding?

  • Slopes -

    write an equation of the line through (-3,-1) having a slope of 6/11 give the answer in standard form

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