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maths please help

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how do you find the isoperimetric quotient of an n sided figure?

my side lengths are 5cm
i have split it in to triangles so
is the central angle
then to work out area of singular triangle its 1/2 base times height
height is something like
tan 180/n =2.5 /height length

please help i get stuck here

The sum of the interior angles is (180)(n-2). So each angle in your triangle is half that, divided by n

angle= 90/n * (n-2)

height= 2.5 tan (90/n (n-2))

Put in n, and you have height.
area for the polygon then is n*area of each triangle, where the area of each triangle is 1/2 bh= 1/2 *5*habove.

I need help to answer this question. (n-2)*180=90

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