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proof read bio lab

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Hi, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could proofread parts of my bio lab.

VO2 max or maximum oxygen consumption is a value which measures a body’s ability to make the energy required for physical activity. VO2 max measures the maximum volume of oxygen, in millimeters, that cells of the body can remove from the bloodstream in one minute per kilogram of body mass while the body experiences maximal exertion1. Since muscle cells need ATP to contract, it is assumed that ATP production (by aerobic respiration) will be increased if more oxygen is absorbed and used by the cells of the body (especially muscle cells) in a given period of time1.
Measuring the ability of the heart, lungs, and bloodstream to supply oxygen to the cells of the body during physical activity is called aerobic fitness1. It is only one of the factors used to judge a person’s overall physical fitness. The other factors include muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition (the ratio of fat to bone to muscle) 1.
During the VO2 max test the object is forced to move faster and faster on a treadmill while the information is collected on a computer. It usually lasts between 10 to fifteen minutes and the object must achieve a painful state of maximal exertion1. There are many tests that can test one’s VO2 max without needing high-tech equipment like the Rockport Fitness Walking test used in this activity.
VO2 max values range from 20mL/kg/min to 90mL/kg/min depending on one’s physical fitness. The average value for a typical North American is 35mL/kg/min, while top endurance athletes can have values of 70mL/kg/min1. VO2 max values can increase with exercise and training but it also depends on one’s genes which explains why not everyone can train to become a top athlete. Athletic performance is not only determined by VO2 max values, the amount of lactate produced during exercise also has an effect on performance. VO2 max values also decrease with age.


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