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I have posted this so many times..can someone help

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I need someone to right an introduction to an essay in which you saying that the meaning of the quote bellow is true:

"and tuhs the whirigig of time brings back his revenges."

I may not be the one to write this but I don't want to see your question go unanswered. This web site is a help site with emphasis on the word help. You have been given a site that is the very best to help you. You say you have been to that site and it didn't help. You must understand, however, that you are asking us to do your work for you. We will not do that BUT we will HELP you do your work. If you want to post what you have done someone here (not me because I'm not an English prof) will critique it for you and make suggestions on how to clean it up. But we want to work on YOUR work, not have you work on OUR work. Thanks for posting and come back as often as you wish.

I just need a sample. Could you give me a good, basic, sample intro please?

...and I've seen it each time too, but I've never read Twelfth Night so I'm not of much use here.
Have you tried Googling Shapespeare Twelfth Night ? When I did this I found plenty of sites to check.
I wish I could be more helpful :|

Thanks but...

but....I need an example

I don't think anyone here will be inclined to write it for you. Most of us will gladly critique your thinking or work. GuruBlue went through this with you on Sunday.
I will be happy to critique your work. In the play, focus on what happened at the end as compared to the first of the play for each character. That is the point of your assignment. On one of your posts, you focused on the wrong meaning of it means justice is finally served as time goes on.

I know I had thw wrong meaning therefore my essay was wrong. I want to correct myself but I havent got the chance because my essay has alreay been handed to my professor. I just want to learn from my mistakes. And thank-you for the definition.

  • I have posted this so many times..can someone help -

    You have a 22 g sample of ethanol with a density of 0.7893 g/mL. What volume of ethanol do you have?

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