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A example of a nonprogrammed decision for a clothing manufacturer is
a. allocating bonuses to employees.
b. acquiring a new supplier for cloth.
c. deciding to market products using the internet.
d. selecting which customers to offer discounts to.

Nataly works in Young Women's fashions in a department store. Within this apartment she specializes in knitware. This is example of which of the following departmental schemes?
a. customer, functional
b. product, customer
c. function, process
d. customer, product

When performing a SWOT analysis, an auto manufacturer realizes that its major competitor just lost a costly lawsuit over vehicle safety. The competitor's situation will be analyzed as a/an
a. threat
b. opportunity
c. strength
d. weakness

Before an employee would worry about job security, _______ needs to be satisfied.
a. social
b. physiological
c. esteem
d. actualization

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