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Estimating DecimalsProducts and Quotients

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Determine whether each product or quotient is resonable.If not resonable,find a resonable result.

1. 62.77(29.8)=187.0546

The numbers are correct except for the decimal places.
The first one looks like 60*30 or 1800, so determine where the decimal should be.
The second looks like 16/3 = 5.3, so figure where the decimal should be placed there too.

I have to estimate each quotient. Then I have to tell which method I used.And #1 says 195 divided by 4=50, but I don't know what method to use so can you please help me?


I really have no idea sorry!!!

You are simply rounding up. You want the division problem to be very easy when you estimate. You either go up or down with the divisor and the dividend and get them both to end in zero ideally. Unless you have a single digit, such as your case here. Which means you will only estimate the 195. You round the 195 to 200 then divide by 4 which gives you an answer of 50.

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