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*I am lost on a bunch of different problems, and this is one of them. Please note that I am NOT asking for final answers, just some guidance so that I can figure out how to do the problem!!! I know that a lot of times on this site it is commented that we are fishing for answers, but I just need some guidance on some stuff I honestly cannot figure out how to do, no matter how easy it might seem to others.

A 20.0 kg rock slides on a rough horizontal surface at 9.00 m/s and eventually stops due to friction. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the rock and the surface is 0.300.

What average thermal power is produced as the rock stops?
Answer expressed in W.

The work done is forcefriction*distance. Power is that work divided by time in seconds.

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    a steel ball rolls with constant velocity across a tabletop 0.95 m high. it rolls off and hits the ground 0.35 m from the edge of the table. how fast was the ball rolling

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