March 25, 2017

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if (2x-3):(y+4)=k where k is a constant and x=4 when y=2 then find x when y=-6

What does the : between the factor mean? (2x-3) : (y+4)=k Multi[lication?
If so, substitute 4 for x and 2 for y to get
(2*4-3):(2+4)=k = 5*6
Then solve for x in
If it means something else please post what it means.

It is suppose to be a ratio (:)

Ok, then solve
If so, substitute 4 for x and 2 for y to get
(2*4-3):(2+4)=k = 5/6
Then solve for x in
(2x-3):(-6+4)=5/6 or
2x-3 = 5/6 * -2 = -5/3

Thank-you so much. That's all I have to ask. You were a huge help.

Plugging it in:
(8-3):(2+4) = 5:6

-2/6 = -.33333

2x-3 = -.33333

2x = 2.66666

x = 1.33333

I'm not sure if this is what the question is asking, but if it's saying that k is a constant whose ratio is always 1:6, then x should be the above answer. I hope I helped.

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