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Okay Maybe I didn't fully explain what exactly I needed the first time ... Heres the question again.

INeed examples of topics dealing with 2 Economic Concepts....

Meaning .. Like Gas prices .. deals with supply and demand along with goods and services.

By what I mean topics .. I mean anything that has to do with economics in general ... anything going on in the news the world ... period.

With the concepts... I mean anything that deals with any concept that is covered in economics....

It can be any two concepts .. offs or whatever ...

I just Need to find 3 articles that deals with any concept that is covered in economics..... I then have to write an abstract ( summary) of the articles , then state how the article relates to at least 2 concepts of economics.

That is my Task ... Basically All i need is help on picking topics and what two concepts goes with it .. as in
Gas Prices...
Suv decline...
Global warming...
Anything the sky is the limit .. just help with the topic and concept and I can find the articles on my Own .. Thanks

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