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Homework Help: 7th grade science

Posted by AMY on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 at 2:20pm.

can some one give me an example of
commensalism and mutualism in the deciduous forest in the united states?
I think commensalism symbiotic relationship in which one species benefits and the other species is neither benefited nor harmed.
Is that like maybe a squarrel living in a tree. where it does not harm the tree.

mutualism is symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit. I have been able to think of one for this one. i thought that some one had to benefit not both please help if you can.

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what are particulates? why are particulates from natural sources still considered pollution?

Here is the general infromation googlw the internet for move info
Mutualism were both partners benefit.
1)Lichens (are made of two parts and each needs to others to survive.
2)Ant and plants (ant move seeds eat outsdie proteins and discard. seed is still good and can germinate.
3)Mycorrhizae and plant roots

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