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how do you write an equation and state what the variable n represnts.
54 -n- =24

If you're writing an equation where you need to state what the variable is, then you need to end up with an equation where n is the only thing on one side of the equal sign.

Take your equation: I hope I'm reading this right. It looks like

54 - n = 24

The first thing to do to get n by itself is to subtract 54 from each side. That will give you this result:

-n = -30 (24-54)

Now, n is not all by itself yet. It's negative. To get a positive n, you'll need to divide both sides by -1.
That means that

n = 30

You're not done yet. Sometimes, even when you do the right steps, your answer doesn't make sense. Double check your answer. If 54-30 = 24, then n = 30. If not, you've got the wrong answer. In this case, it works.

Your equation was 54 - n = 24 and you solved for n, so that n=30.

I hope that helps! Good luck!
Amy :)


I'm not sure about your notation. Assuming you mean, 54 - n = 24, you can just solve for n by subtracting 54 from both sides and multiplying by -1.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    what is the equation for 54-n=24

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    what dose the n stand for in the math question 54-n=24

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