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If two dice are rolled, what is the probability that their sum will be a number greater
than 5 ?
[A]1/6 [B]1/3 [C]13/18 [D]5/6 [E] None of these.

i think it is c am i right?


so i am right?

What is the probability the sum is 2,3,4 or 5? If you find that and subtract it from 1 you'll have the probability the sum is greater than 5.
The sample space has 36 possible outcomes. There's 1 way to get 2, 2 ways to get 3, 3 ways to get 4 and 4 ways to get a 5. There are 1+2+3+4 outcomes whose sum <=5, or the prob. the sum <=5 is 10/36. So 1 - 10/36 = 26/36 is the probability the sum is greater than 5
So yes, you're right, but I don't know what your reasoning is; be prepared to defend, i.e. explain, your answer.

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