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Police report that 88% of drivers stopped on suspicion of
drunk driving are given a breath test, 15% a blood test, and 10% both tests.

What is the probability that the next driver stopped on suspicion of drunk
driving is given:

i) at least one of the tests?
ii) a blood test or a breath test, but not both?
iii) neither test?
vi) Consider the two events "given a blood test" and "given a breath test".
(a) Are the events mutually exclusive?
(b) Are the events independent?

Draw a Venn diagram and label two overlapping circles in it blood and breath. Breath is .88, blood is .15 and the intersection is .10.
Therefore .88 - .10 = .78 is the nuumber given just the breath test.
Similarly, .15 - .10 = .05 is the nuumber given just the blood test.
Finally, .78 + .10 + .05 = the total given at least one test, and 1 minus that number is the number not given either test.
Since the circles overlap they can't be mutually exclusive.
I'll let you use this for now and work the rest of the questions. Please show some work too.

It says 35+85+443=?

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