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the el paso middle school girls baxketball team is going from el paso to san antonio for the texas state championship game.the trip will be 560 miles.their bus travels at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. estimate the distance the bus travels in 2 hours 2and 3 4...2 and a half and 7.25 heeeeeeeeeeeeelp

distance = rate*time, so in 2 hours we have
distance = 60mph*2hr
For 3
distance = 60mph*2.75hr
The distance is in miles.
Do you think you can figure it out now?

thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!!!!!

ok so you know the bus travels 60 miles per hour right? so you would figure out the distance and it would end up being 1 mile per minute, so you would times 60 X2 for the time it takes for two hours and since it is a mile per minute it is u get it? i am terrible at explaining (i can use equations and physics if you want)

oh i see thank u soooooo much

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    60 miles per hour is the distance and it says u have to estimate so 2 hrs stay the same and u multiply 2 by 60 equals 120. U estimate 2.75 which is 3 then multiply 3 by 60 equals 180. U estimate 3.5 which is 4, multiply it by 60 equals 240. Estimate 7.25 which is 7,then muliply it by 60 which equals 420.

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