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A bicycle tire is filled with air to a pressure of 100 psi at a temperature of 19C. Riding the bike on asphalt on a hot day increases the temperature of the tire to 58C. The volume increases by 4%. What is the new pressure of the tire?

Convert the temps to Kelvins, then use the combined gas law.

About 108?

i am having problems with my physical science problem : combined gas law
Here goes: A gas has a pressure of 340 kPa at avolume of 3.20L. What happens to the pressure when the volume is increased to 5.44L? The temperature does not change. Please help. Thank you....

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    at a pressure of 780mm Hg and 24.2 c,a certian gas has a volume of 350.0 mL .what will the volume of this gas under STP.

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