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A ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet. A person takes a seat, and the wheel turns 5pie/6 radians. How far is the person above the ground? please explain to me how to solve this

We are to suppose the person got on the wheel at the very bottom.
You might want to convert this to degrees if you wish, unless the exercies must be done in radians. We'll also suppose the wheel is going conterclockwise, but the answer doesn' matter -it should be the same regardless of which side of the wheel we're observing.
You should be able to see that the wheel has rotated pi/4 + pi*7/12 = pi*5/6 radians, thus it has rotated at least 25 feet up. Now add 25*sin(pi*7/12) to 25. Be sure to draw a diagram to see what is happening here. I left it in radians, but you could convert and solve in degrees too.

I think I did the wrong calculations here. When it rotates pi/2 then it's 25ft off the ground
We also have pi*5/6 - pi/2 = pi/3. So pi/3 of 60deg is the angle the seat now make with the horizontal. The height is then
25*sin(60)ft + 25ft = 25(1+sqrt(3)/2)ft
It looks to be approximately 46.7ft
I mistook pi/4 for 1/4 of a turn, oops!

why is latin a big part of english?

A Ferris wheel has a deameter of 50m. The platform at the bottom, where you load the ferris wheel, is 3 m above the ground. The Ferris wheel rotates three times every two minutes. A stopwatch is started and you notice you are even with the center of the ferris wheel, going down when the watch is at 4 seconds. write an equation that expreses your height as a function of elapsed time.

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