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Homework Help: english- mood/tone

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 11:25pm.

My teacher says that mood and tone are not the same thing, but I have trouble establishing a difference between the two. How can I tell them apart?



Please re-post if the difference is not clear. It's obvious they're closely related, but not exactly the same thing.


What does tone and mood mean?

Hi. I think that tone is a way of narrating a story. It can be "highly detailed" for example.

But Mood is a feeling that the reader creates towards us. It may be fascinating, interesting etc...

Are you ignorant or are you some kind of weak link that doesn't pay attention in class

Mood is the feeling YOU get while reading. Tone is the way the AUTHOR feels about something.

Tone is the way an author or the narrator feel while writing or narrarating a poem or story. The mood is how you, the audience, feels

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