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Is the Freedom of the Press still a right worth preserving?

What do you think? Personally I think it is although I believe the "press" sometimes abuse the right.

I think the press speaks too much. I don't know. I mean all that is on the news is about overseas - Newspapers tell stories about the US - and problems such as Ford Motor Company etc - Gas Prices - is there ever going to be nothing to print in a newspaper? I think the press has too much freedom. They talk too much about this and that - it is a waste of paper as far as I am concerned. Am I bad for thinking that?

No, but you are confusing the issues. Freedom of the press means they can print without government interference. I think you are right in your observations and that is what I meant when I said they sometimes abuse their right. There will never be "nothing" to write about. Reporters WILL find the news. They are paid to do that. As to the overseas business and little about the U.S.--that is true, also; however, your freedom as a consumer is you can subscribe to any paper you wish. And you need not subscribe to those that print material that you don't want to read about. Same thing about newcasters and TV (or radio). They can criticize the government (and do) but you, the consumer, makes the final decision as to which station you watch. One flick of the remote control and the ones you don't like are history. They keep on talking, of course, but it is to others who DO want to hear what they have to say. I would not like to live in a country where we did not have freedom of the press BUT I think the press could be a little more attentive and selective at times. One final note--some TV personalities and some radio personalities (and some newspaper personalities) say and/or print ABSURDITIES. Why do they do that? To shock and get a flood of mail (which gives them more fodder to shock again). Their ratings go up and they get another million dollars or so because management can sell more commercial time and so forth into the night. I should have let one of the English gurus or PsyDAG answer this because this isn't my field of expertise but I have opinions anyway. I repeat that you aren't bad. But would you WANT to live in a country that DID NOT have freedom of the press. I guess some of this is the price we pay for having that freedom. Nuff said.

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