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Posted by marcia on Friday, September 22, 2006 at 2:06am.

how can we reduce trash in our school

What Can You Tell Me About Iron And Sulphur?

My B F Is Stacey!!

It would be more effective to present your question using the <Post a New Question> link.

Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "iron sulphur" to get these possible sources:

I hope this helps. If not, repost as a separate question. Thanks for asking.

when a mixture of iron and sulphur are heated a compund called iron sulphide is produced.
What kind of change is this?

One way is to have containers that can be used again.

However, since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "reduce trash" to get these possible sources:

(Broken Link Removed)

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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