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Posted by Callie on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 4:56pm.

Does anyone know how to explain mean, median, mode and range mean??

mean-the average of a group of numbers
median-the number that is in the middle in an in order group of numbers
mode-most common number in a group of numbers
range- the difference or interval between the smallest and largest values in a frequency distribution

mean is the average.
median--arrange the numbers in sequence from top to bottom (either ascending or descending order). Then cross out the top, the bottom, the second from the top, the second from the bottom, etc. until only one is left. That is the median. If two numbers are left; i.e., if you started with an even number of numbers, then the median is the average of the last two numbers remaining.
Range--list the smallest number and the highest number. That is the range.
mode--the number that appears most often.

mean- the average of the group of numbers
median- put the numbers in the order least to greatest and then see which one is in the middle
mode- the number that appers the most offten
range- the difference between the biggest and smallest number.

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