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Homework grades are 5% of the overall grade. Lab work is 15% of the overall grade. Tests are 60% of the overall grade. The Final is 20% of the overall grade.

Could a student that has a 75 homework average, 80 lab average, 40 test average, and 50 on the final pass the course?

Homework 5%
Lab work is 15%
Tests are 60%
The Final 20%
You would have .05*.75+.15*.80+.6*.4+.2*.5=??
I'll let you do the arithmetic, but I suppose it depends on what a passing mark is, is there a curve or not?

BTW, I'd like to help with your physics questions, but I see I'm getting near the end of what I can recall off the top of my head without doing some refresher work. Wish I could help you there.

It depends upon the grading scale or if a curve is used. My guess, however, is no, unless 50 is a passing grade.

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