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list lenses in light path between spcimen viewed with compound light microscope and its image on the retina of the eye
gives the lenses and other parts.

The image formed is a virtual image outside the eye.

Virtual images can be "seen" by the eye because of the human brain: No real image is on the retina, however the brain takes the difuse light coming to the retina to visualize an image somewhere outside the eyes. See the drawings on the last website.

so is it objective and ocular? I missed the first two weeks of class and cannot make up the labs but it would definitely help to have the correct information come test time.


That looks like a reasonable conclusion Paul, but I'm not an expert in this area. Take BobP or DrBob222's or the other science teacher's word here. You might try reposting a new question stating the question and your answer. Sorry I can't be more helpful than this.

Explain the relation between the number on the dial and the amount of light passing through the stage?

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