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Homework Help: music 2

Posted by Emily on Monday, September 18, 2006 at 12:12am.

Thanks Dan for your previous help i understand the circle now !>!! Now i have one final question ... I am to learn the major triad for each note. i have to play five notes up then back down .. cna you explan to me how i go about doing so .?
would it be like
1. starting at Concert Eb
- C,D,E,F,G,F,E,D,C
And so on and so forth ????

Well, you are right. In concert Eb, the first note for you would be C. However,"Major triad" refers to the notes C, E and G. So, I'm not sure what the 5 notes that your teacher wants are...the notes you wrote are the first 5 notes of the scale in C (or Eb concert). This may be correct. You have the major triad plus 2 notes in between. Sometimes, more advanced students play a triad exercise like this: they play the 1st note, the 3rd note, the 5th note, then the 7th note, then the ninth note. So, in C that would be....C, E, G, B, D. and then back down. That's the only other possibility that comes to mind when you mention 5 notes.
But if we assume the first 5 notes of the scale as you wrote, then you are absolutely correct!!

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