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what does the word dynamics mean?

if you would like to kno go look it up in the dictionary. or go to google and type it in. they could give you a full defenition of the word.

In short, the loudness or softness of a song/melody.

In music, markings added to show the varying degrees or changes in volume or loudness. They are written as words, abbreviations, letters, or signs.

The following are the markings that are used.
mf = mezzo forte = medium loud
f = forte = loud
ff = fortissimo = very loud
fff= fortississimo = extremely loud
ffff = it will blow you out of your chair
mp = mezzo piano = medium soft
p = piano = soft
pp = pianissimo = very soft
ppp = pianississimo = extremely softly
pppp = you can barely hear it.

Musical scores will use both the abbreviations and the words.

what's music

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