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Posted by Lexxi on Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 11:49pm.

Can anyone give me an example of a metaphor??

I googled examples of metaphors. This is what I found by checking a couple links:
1) (political) fallout - "...political fallout from the scandal."
2) road map (to peace) - "Unfolding the road map to peace."
3) tidal wave - "A tidal wave of generousity."
4) fusion - "A fusion of technology and personality."
5) toxic gumbo - "New Orleans became filled with a toxic gumbo."
6) mix - "Sprite ReMix Aruba Jam."
7) catcher's mitt - "The Gulf Coast is a catcher's mitt for hurricanes."
8) iPod - "I've got a thousand songs in my iPod."
9) housing bubble - "The housing bubble has burst."
10) storm - "A storm of controversy."

These were supposed to be the top 10 metaphors of 2005.


It might be helpful to you to know that a metaphor is a comparison.... but it doesn't use "like" or "as". Example: the room was a storm of activity.... her dress was a riot of color.... she was a puddle of tears.
In each case a comparison is being made, but you are not saying that it was "like a storm" or "like a riot". Metaphors are more colorful.

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