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Homework Help: algebra

Posted by nicole on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 6:29pm.

a chemist mixes an 11% alchohol solution with an 8% alchohol solutoins. How many milliliters of each solution should he use to make a 600ml solution that is 8% alchohol solution?

Why wouldn't we just use 600ml of the 8% solution to begin with? So 0ml of the 11% and 600ml of the 8% and we're done. Does that work? What am I missing?

*scratch scratch* yes, very algebraically solved :)

Be sure there isn't a typo and the second is supposed to be a 6% solution. Then we could mix the 11% and 6%(or some solution less than 8%) to make an 8% solution.

I am sure there is a typo somewhere.

no that is exactly what the problem says

Then the problem obviously has a typo in it.

How do you do square roots or ten powers?

sincerly confuesed

How do you do square roots and ten powers?


Shay could you start a new question and state what the problem is asking, please.

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