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How can I lock columns on Excel and keep them locked when I put them into a Palm handheld?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'locked'. If you mean protecting them these are the procedures.
In protecting cells, we actually do the procedure 'backwards'. We don't specify which cells to lock, we unlock cells then protect the sheet or workbook.
First determine which columns/cells you want to allow changes to. Then select them, select Format>>Cells. A dialogue box should appear. Select Protection and clear the locked box.
Now select Tools>>Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook. A password is optional. If you don't password protect the sheet others will still be able to change the settings.
Changes will only be allowed in the unlocked cells. If changes are attempted in the other cells a dialogue box will apeear saying the sheet is protected.
If you mean freezing panes, then put the pointer in the first column where you want to scroll from and select Windows>>Freeze Panes. This will keep data to the left fixed.
If you meant something else then you'll have to let us know.

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