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Posted by please i need help.Dan on Tuesday, September 5, 2006 at 8:32pm.


36x^2 y^4 a^-2
72a x^-1 y

^ means power

Divide both numerator and denominator by 36 which will give you 1/2. Then the a^-2 on top will tranfer to the bottom becoming a^2 and that will combine with the a already there to become a^3. Proceed with each a, x, and y for the final answer. We shall be happy to check your final result if you wish.

Is this the answear to 36x^2 y^4 a^-2
72a x^-1 y

^ means power

Answear 1
2 a^3 x y^5

No. Remember to change the sign of the exponent when moving a variable from top to bottom or from bottom to top. THEN combine terms. I would move the negative ones first (X^-1 on the bottom and a^-2 on top). Then combine the positive and negative variable into one exponent.

Ok Dan, here's a suggestion line the variable up over each other like

36x^2 y^4 a^-2
x^-1 y 72a

Then add or subtract corresponding exponents. For x we have 2- -1, for y, 4-3, for a, -2-1. Show your work when you're done.

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