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Consider a car making a turn at a constant speed
a) is the net force on the car zero? Why?
b) Is the velocity of the car constant? Why?
c) Is the car accelerating? Why?

a)no it's not zero. Is it because it is experianceing a net force,, which is centripetal force because it is accelerating?
b)No velocity is not constant becasue it is accelerating. Velocity is a vector(magnitude ans direction) The car is turning in a new direction so the velocity is changing. Velocity is the rate at whcich an object displacement changes

Can you explain whether my think is correct?
c)yes becasue the velocity isn't constant

Wow Sarah:

You are exactly correct!
The velocity is constantly changing because the direction is constantly changing. And it has an acceleration (also a vector) because acceleration is the change in velocity per unit time.
And there is als a force, which is also a vector, because force = mass x acceleration.

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