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One edition of Alice's Adventure in WonderLand has 352 pages.How Many 4's were used in the number of pages?

The answer I came up with was 356.

Please and thank-you

Ok, how many page numbers have one four in them and how many have two in them. Of course, none have three fours, so you will have to devise a counting system here.
Here's a method:
You'll need to consider one 4 in the one's place then one four in the ten's place. For a single 4 in the one's place start at 4 and count by 10's until you reach 352.
For a single 4 in the ten's count the 40's, 140's, 240's, 340's
It should be easy to see that the only page numbers with two 4's are 44,144,244,344. Be careful not to double count the one's with two 4's.

How could you get 356 if there's only 352 pages to start with?? Am I misunderstanding the question or something?

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