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Posted by Kaitlin on Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 8:27pm.

i dont get problems like y=-2x. and y=3x-1

what is 15.02499 rounded to the nearest tenth

what is 15.02499 rounded to the nearest tenth

Oh geez, it's been a whole summer since I tried this. But if I'm not mistaken isn't it

15.0 ?

Please correct me anyone if I am wrong. But I do believe that is correct.

No, that's correct. We would round 15.02499 down to 15.01 if we wanted the nearest 10th or .1 place.

The correct ans to the nearest 10th is 15.0
The Zero would only become a "1" if the number following it was 5 or greater.

Here is how we name decimal places:

.1 (tenth place)
.01 (one hundredth place) etc.....

There should be a correction below this one. I know it's 15.0, not 15.01. Apparently I mistyped when entering. Unfortunately this forum's format is a 1-shot deal, we aren't given a chance to edit an entry after it's made. Therefore you should check other entries following it to see any corrections made.

The 'no' in my previous post was to this line:
"Please correct me anyone if I am wrong. But I do believe that is correct"

You are correct.

Looks like I had a typo in my first reply to this. Yes, we would round to 15.0, not 15.01 has I had, that's a typo.

Kaitlin , both of the equations are those for lines.
The equatios are: y=-2x and y=3x-1
What is it you're having difficulty with?
The first one has slope = -2 and goes through the origin.
The second has slope 3 and intersects the y-axis at -1.

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