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Homework Help: Language Arts

Posted by Megan on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 5:13pm.

My teacher said to create an acrostic poem with the name EAST MILLBROOK and we have to fill it in with or goals for the year the only problem is she wants us to use words like exemplify instead or show. Please help me!!!

This is what it should look like

You'll have to determine the poem yourself. You have thirteen letters to work with, so you'll need to determine a meter that works for that number. The first letters of the words don't have to be the letters in EAST MILLBROOK either. Each line must intesect one of the letters of it though.
If you google acrostic, the first entry I got was for acrostic poems. You might try checking their site too.
This is the site I found I found was readwritethink dot org

thank you so much that helped me

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