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Fay's rubber ball bounces exactly half the height from which it is dropped. She drops the ball from the top of a building that is 64 meters tall. How high will the ball bounce on its eighth bounce.
Could someone explain this?
Thank you!

1/2 of 64= 32.
32 feet is how high it bounces on the 1st bounce

1/2 of 32=16
16 feet is how high it bounces on the 2nd bounce

Need anymore help or can you do the rest by yourself?

8 meters

The nth bounce derives from
B = 64/(2^n)where n == the nth boumce.

the answer is 1/4 meters

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    a ball dropped to the ground bounces back to 2/3 of its pervious height. if the ball is dropped straight down form a height of 81 cm, how far does it travel altogether by the time it hits the ground for the fitth time?

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    A ball rebounds half of the height from which it is dropped.assume the ball is dropped far will the ball have bounced on its fifth bounce

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