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Homework Help: orientalism of muslim and arab american

Posted by Toni on Sunday, August 6, 2006 at 1:25am.

What are some characteristics orientalism and how it has became discrimination toward Muslim and Arab Americans?

my understanding Orientalism is view of people and history of the orient with no recognition of change over time.

Can some one explain to me what i am looking for i am really confused.

This article rightly points out that the word Orientalism can have differing meanings. I suspect you are working on the meaning given it by Said, and this article does well on explaining that.

and here is another less objective article:

If i am reading and understanding this the characteristic of the orientalism is the behavior, habit,
tradition of the people in the east. but the way the scholar took it and wrote about the people was not more if there own imagination of how they conceived the information which showed a different side of orient. that how people have become prejudice and discriminate aginst these people am I correct so far. if not please explain it to because some things i still do not understanad like when the scholar went to observe the orient what was they looking for was it gain power. or was it to learn there culture , history and language.

You are trying to find out if you are stupid or not and the answer is duh, yes you are idiot!

Ha, I am a college student and I have this same homework assignment. I do not understand it either. I typed it into google and got this site. I am just as lost as you are buddy.


what are some characteristics of orientalism?

All of you are not smart. All of you do not know the answer to the question.

what are three characterics of orientalism?

If you know the answer, then share it with everyone.

It is the generalizations of cultures, racial, and religious prejudices. it is the differences of the "West" and the "East" empires and what is inferior and alien to the West (Americans).

Thank you, Wanda. That actually gave me some insight into the question. I, too, had the same question for an assignment.

Just because people got stuck on this question doesn't mean they are stupid. It is rude to call someone stupid because you are not perfect either. Any body can act smart but most are not. So keep your dumb comments to yourself because it just makes you look stupid for being ignorant.

i am having the same problem with this question. Thanks wanda for your help

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