October 26, 2014

Homework Help: Pre-algebra

Posted by Tammy Evert on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 12:19am.

29x 2(9x 0.455) = 10x + 0.525

Give us you thinking on this so we can help you solve the equation. What is it you don't understand about solving this eqution?

29x 2(9x 0.455) = 10x + 0.525
29x 18x 0.91 = 10x + 0.525
11x 0.91 = 10x + 0.525
-10x -10x
X -0.91 = 0.525
+0.91 =+0.91
X = 1.435
When I check my problem its not equal.
and I dont know what I'm doing wrong.

You made a mistake in the second line. It should be
29x 18x + 0.91 = 10x + 0.525
(Minus the minus sign in the parentheses is equivalent to a plus)

After that, your steps toward solution were correctly done. Try again.

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