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Homework Help: chem please explain to me!

Posted by carol on Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 2:00pm.

can someone please elpain to me the formation of binary ionic compounds from its constituent element.

cuz I don't understand!
thanks I really thank you guys alot!

What grade are you in? Do you know about s and p orbitals?

um.. why does it matter??? and I don't get the whole concept!

It matters because I don't want to use graduate school language on a second grader. However, I have already written a response, a more or less generic one, which should help. If you still don't understand, please explain in detail what you don't understand and we will take it from there.

Let's take NaCl as an example. The sodium atom has 2 electrons in the first shell, 8 electrons in the second shell, and 1 electron in the last (outer) shell. To make its outside shell complete, it needs to lose that one lone electron in the outside shell. If it does that, it becomes a sodium ion, Na^+, with a +1 charge. Chlorine has 2 electrons in the first shell, 8 electrons in the second shell, and 7 electrons in the last or outer shell. It wants to GAIN an electron, which will make 8. Remember 8 is the magic number for many of these elements to have in the outside shell. If a neutral atom of Cl gains that one electron it becomes a chloride ion with a -1 charge; i.e., Cl^-. So what happens is that when a neutral sodium atom, which wants to lose its outer electron in order to have 8 electrons in its outer shell, approaches a neutral chlorine atom, which wants to gain an electron to make 8 electrons in its outer shell, its a match made in heaven. The sodium atom donates its electron to chlorine. The sodium atom becomes +1 charged, a sodium ion, and the chlorine atom becomes a chloride ion with a -1 charge, and an ionic bonds has been formed. The force of attraction is the oppositely charged ions. I hope this helps. If you still need clarification, please post again and tell us specifically what you don't understand.

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