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Homework Help: Physics Sig Figs

Posted by Meleas on Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 9:28pm.

When you are multiplying two numbers, how do you determine the number of significant figures?

You go with the lowest sig figs in your problem. so suppose you multiply 2.34 and 8.9574, in your product you should have 3 sig figs as the lowest sig fig in your problem is 2.34 which is 3 sig figs.

hope this helps.

how many sig figs are in 0.000 0250?
how many sig figs are in 45 000 000?
how many sig figs are in 7 210?
how many sig figs are in 273.15?
how many sig figs are in 200 000.0?
how many sig figs are in 7 000 000?
how many sig figs are in 0.052 4?
how many in 10? how many in 0.003 4?
how many in 98.6?how many in 0.005 0?
how many in 30.0? how many in 0.008 0?

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