January 26, 2015

Homework Help: MATH - Rational Expressions

Posted by J on Tuesday, August 16, 2005 at 1:54pm.

HELP PLEASE! I am taking my college placement test tomorrow and am working on the sample test now. I need help with this question about Rational Expressions...

For all r (<INSERT>is not equal to sign)+ or - 2

r(squared) - 5r+6
(All Over)
r(squared)- 4

I know the answer is r-3/r+2, but I do not know the steps to use to get the answer.

First let me rewrite that in a way I recognize

r^2 - 5r + 6
r^2 -4

Both the numerator and denominator can be factored to give

The r-2 terms can be cancelled to give

The bit about r not being allowed to be = or -2 is because that would put a zero in the denominator, making the fraction be "indeterminate" or without meaning. For any other r, (r-3)/(r+2) is the answer.

Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated :)


The Square root of 98?

need more help. need to see more problams about rationals.

need more help. need to see more problams about rationals.

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