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Posted by babypooh on Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 1:34pm.

A machine will add 128 parts of water to l part of the kool aid in the machine. If a kool aid must be dispensed in the ratio 1part kool aid and 448 parts of water, how should the mixture be diluted.

Please give me the steps to get to answer.

You need to add 448-128 = 320 parts of water, which means adding 320 times as much water as there was Koolaid in the original mixture. The original mixture contained 129 parts (total). Now it must have 449 parts, 1 of Koolaid and 448 of water.

To any volume of the 1:128 mixture you must add 448/128 = 3.50 times as much water.



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