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Could you hardboil and egg on the moon?


*Yes, because water boils spontaneously on the moon.
*No, because water boils at such a high temperature that it would cause the egg to disintegrate before it became hard-boiled.
*Yes, because the atmospheric pressure keeps the water boiling.
*No, because there is no pressure so the water does not become hot enough to cook an egg.

Water will boil spooontaneously on the moon, flashing to vapor at such a rate it likely would turn to ice and continue to vaporize. The egg might freeze, but it would not cook.

The boiling point of water depends on the outside vapor pressure. At our atmospheric pressure, water boils at 100C, quite warm enough to heat and cook an egg. At an elevation of 29,000 Feet, water boils not at 100C, but at 67C. As one enters space, water "boils" at any temperature.

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