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please help with this question need to know by 8/4

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How much heat energy is required to raise the temp of 5 kilograms of coal from 20 degree celsius to 220 degrees celsius?
314 j
6,573 j
4,187,000 j
1,314,718 j

You need the specific heat of coal to answer that question, and that depends somewhat upon the type. Did they mention a value to use? This article:
AIChE Journal Volume 31, Issue 10 , Pages 1714 - 1717
mentions a specific heat value of
C = 1.05 kJ/Kg C
That would make the heat required
(1.05 kJ/kg C)* 5 kg * 200 C = 1,050,000 kJ
That is closest to the last of your choices.

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