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physics problem-gun (projectile problem)

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A gun shoots bullets that leave the muzzle at 250 m/s. If a bullet is tohit a target 160.8 m away at the level of the muzzle, the gun must be aimedat a point above the target. (Neglect air resistance.)
How far above the target is this point if the angle the gun makes is greater than 45°?

These are the tips they give me:
Use the formula for the range of a projectile.
I spent a whole day on this problem homies...HELP!!!

The range of the projectile is given by d = Vo^2(sin(2µ)/g where Vo = the initial muzzle velocity, g = the acceleration due to gravity and µ = the angle of the initial velocity vector aboc the horizontal. You have 3 of the pieces of information required. Substitute and solve for µ.

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