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Homework Help: algebra

Posted by tams on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 10:18am.

A church group has a fund raiser in which they raise $2,040.00. If there were 69 more people then everyones donations would be $23.00 less. How many members were there originally and how much did they donate?

let n be the number of folks
let D be the donation per person


With those two equations, it ought to work out. Repost if you have difficulties.

I've studied this several ways.

There are a few different equations that can be defined to represent the given conditins.

One is:

Let N = the initial number of contributors and d = the initial donations.

Then, Nd = 2040 and N(d - 23) + =69(d - 23) = 2040.

Substituting and simplifying yields d = 23 + N/3.

N must be divisible by 3.

d.....24...25..26......---> Answer

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