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Explain what is meant by closed system of circulation

24. solve the system of equations algerbraically. show all of your steps. (2 points) y=x^(2)+2x y=3x+20 I'm just having trouble understanding. Please help

College Algebra
Solve using substitution.If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in terms of k. If the system is inconsistent, enter INCONSISTENT. Here is my work: y=5x-5 5x-y=5 5x-(5x-5)=5 5x-5x+5=5 5=5 y=5x-5 k=5x-5 5x=k+5 x=1/5k+1 x,y = (k/5+1, 5k-5)

Wtat is legitimate government? Outline any four features of legitimacy? What is simple majority sysyem? Outline four demeits of the system

Why might a Confucian praise or criticize China’s current political system and its approach to economic and political change?

A car of mass 1.33 103 kg is initially moving on a level road at a speed of 18.0 m/s. Compute the increase in temperature of the brakes, assuming that all the mechanical energy ends up as internal energy in the brake system. Assume a total heat capacity of 10,000 J/C°.

Physics! HElp
A <10.0+A> g ice cube at -15.0oC is placed in <125+B> g of water at 48.0oC. Find the final temperature of the system when equilibrium is reached. Ignore the heat capacity of the container and assume this is in a calorimeter, i.e. the system is thermally insulated ...

A 37.0 g ice cube at -15.0 degreesC is placed in 224 g of water at 48.0 degreesC. Find the final temperature of the system when equilibrium is reached. Ignore the heat capacity of the container and assume this is in a calorimeter, i.e. the system is thermally insulated from ...

math algebra three system equation
2x+y+2z=25 3x-y+6z=48 5x+2y+4z=55 I got stuck after step 2 of trying to eliminate the first two equations where do I go from their and would kindly like full explanation of how to solve it so I can practice it out. Thank you :)

(b) (i)The e.m.f. of the cell was measured as 0.62 volts. Taking the standard electrode potential of Cu/Cu2+ as = +0.34 volts, calculate the standard potential of the Co/Co2+ system. Be careful to indicate whether your answer is positive or negative. (ii) State the direction ...

Health and physcal ed.
kidney stones can be very painful. what prevention methods could you used to keep from developing them? A)Drink a lot of milk wich is full of calcium. B)Drink plenty of water, wich flushes out your system. c)eat plenty of pretien rich foods like fish and/or chicken**** D)take ...

Compute the entropy change of a system consisting of 1kg of ice at 0•C which melts (reversibly) to water at the same temperature. The latent heat of melting is 79.6 Cal/g

another one please help
{-9x-3y=147 -x+7y=-101 The solution of the system is:

Linear equations
I keep getting this wrong and can't figure out why {60x+10y=-16 -50x-100y=50 The solution to the system is:

substitution and elimination methods
Can someone please help explain this, my notes aren't helping me much. Given the following system of linear equations: {x-4y=20 -3x+4y=-12 The solution to the system is: The system is: The equation is: Please help

Math 8
A system of equations are shown below -y+2x=4 2x-y= -4 if i solve separately it has infinite solutions but if i solve together there are no solutions is it infinite or no solution?

An object of mass 2kg on a plane inclined at angle 40degree and whose coefficient of dynamic friction is 0.3 is connected to another mass of 1kg which hangs vertically over a frictionless pulley. Obtain the acceleration of the system

M240 Help please
Solve the following system of equations using matrices. Use Gaussian elimination with back substitution or Gauss-Jordan elimination. a. 3x1 + 5x2 - 8x3 + 5x4 = -8 b. x1 + 2x2 - 3x3 + x4 = -7 c. 2x1 + 3x2 - 7x3 + 3x4 = -11 d. 4x1 + 8x2 - 10x3+ 7x4 = -10 my answer = B

physics and motion
The Grizwald’s have just chopped down a Christmas tree and have decided to pull it out of the woods on a sled over the snow. Clark has attached a rope to the sled and is pulling the tree/sled system (mass = 22 kg) with a force of 50.0 N at an angle of 32˚ above the ...

1. Two lines, C and D, are represented by the following equations: Line C: y = x + 5 Line D: y = −2x − 1 Which of the following options shows the solution to the system of equations and explains why? (−2, 3), because the point does not lie on any axis (−2, 3), because ...

You digestive system has three main functions: digestion, absorption, and elimination. In which organ does absorption begin? A. Mouth*** B. Stomach C. Small Intestine D. Gall bladder

A 37.0 g ice cube at -15.0 degreesC is placed in 224 g of water at 48.0 degreesC. Find the final temperature of the system when equilibrium is reached. Ignore the heat capacity of the container and assume this is in a calorimeter, i.e. the system is thermally insulated from ...

1.what if they changed the scoring system in American Football, and there were only two ways o score, a field goal worth 3 points and a touchdown worth 7 points. What are all the possible total scores that a team could have?

Aluminum is produced by the electrolysis of aluminum oxide (Al2O3, bauxite ore) dissolved in molten cryolyte (Na2AlF6). Calculate the mass of aluminum that can be produced in one day in an electrolytic cell operating continuously at 1.0 x 105 amps. The cryolite does not react

This isn't about school
Hey Ms. Sue I feel ya, lots of cheaters on this website I understand, but sadly you can't do anything because from the beginning of time people always find a way to cheat the system and find loop-holes.

Solve the system of linear equations and check any solutions algebraically. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express x, y, and z in terms of the parameter a.) 3x-3y+6z=6 x+2y-z=8 5x-8y+13z=4 I don't know what parameter A is... Do I solve...

The equilibrium constant is equal to 5.00 at 1300K for the reaction 2SO2(g) + O2(g) <--> 2SO3(g) if initial concentrations are [SO2] = 6.00M, [O2] = 0.45M, [SO3]= 9.00M, the system is a/. At equilibrium b/. Not at equilibrium and will remain in an un equilibrated state c...

A closed 2.0-L container holds 3.0 mol of an ideal gas. If 200 J of heat is added, what is the change in internal energy of the system? A. 300 J B. 150 J C. zero D. 100 J E. 200 J -Since there is no mention of work being done I thing the answer is 200J but I want to make sure?

A 37.0 g ice cube at -15.0 degreesC is placed in 224 g of water at 48.0 degreesC. Find the final temperature of the system when equilibrium is reached. Ignore the heat capacity of the container and assume this is in a calorimeter, i.e. the system is thermally insulated from ...

SS. help
What impact did this have on the presidents who were trying to get rid of the spoils system and higher people based on their qualifications (aka the Pendelton Act) i have looked up different sites but it still don't help me.

Check my answer- Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. Y=x^2+2x Y=3x+20 My answer: X^2+2x+3x+20 X^2-x-20 (x-5),(x+4)=0 x=5, x=-4 y=35, y=8 Thank you!

What are the fundamental values of each of these health systems: The system In Mexico, the system in Canada, the system in the United Kingdom, and the system in the United States? I think it has to do with comparison of the healthcare systems in Canada and the United States is...

probability and statistics
Let Θ1, Θ2, W1, and W2 be independent standard normal random variables. We obtain two observations, X1=Θ1+W1,X2=Θ1+Θ2+W2. Find the MAP estimate θ^=(θ^1,θ^2) of (Θ1,Θ2) if we observe that X1=1, X2=3. (You will have to solve a system of two linear equations.)

particle P of mass m kg is attached to two fixed points A and B by two identical model springs, each of stiffness k and natural length l . The point A is at a height / l above the point B. The particle is free to oscillate vertically under gravity. The stiffness of each spring...

A Micro –Hydro turbine generator rotor is accelerating uniformly from an angular velocity of 610 rpm to its operating angular velocity of 837 rpm. The radius of the rotor is 0.62 m and its rotational acceleration is 5.9 rad/s2. What is the rotor’s angular velocity (in rad/...

your digestive system has three main functions:digestion, absorption and elimination. in which organ dose absorption begin? a. mouth b.stomach c.(small intestine) d.gallbladder

a man weighs 162 pounds, and is 69 inches tall. his forearm is parallel to the ground. he holds an 8 pound weight in his hand. the biceps has an angle of insertion of 85 degrees with a distance of 1.4 inches at insertion. the system is equilibrium. what force is the biceps ...

A 152 g sample of ice at –37 degree C is heated until it turns into liquid water at 0 degree C. How do you find the change in heat content in the system? I've found H(I) [Change in heat of the ice] to be 11416.72 but im still stuck on the change of heat for the water.

The p53 enzyme system prevents progression to which stage of the cell cycle? choices are: 1. G1 2.Cytokineses 3.S phase 4. Mitosis 5. G2 * I think it's S phase, It's not G1 right?

A 2.0kg block of wood starts at rest and slides down a ramp. Its initial height is 12.0m. If the final velocity of the block is 13m/s, determine the energy of this system that has been turned into heat.

3 particles of masses m1 = 1.5 kg , m2 = 2.5 kg and m3 = 3.5 kg form an equilateral triangle of edge length l= 135 cm. Determine the center of mass of the system.

Accounting help
Cost flow assumptions-FIFO and LIFO using a periodic system. Beginning inventory was 600 units at a cost of $20 per unit. Goods available for sale during the year 2600 units at a total cost of $57,600. In May 1200 units were purchased at a total cost $26,400. The only other ...

Cost flow assumptions for FIFO and LIFO using a periodic system. Question 1. Sales during the year were 700 units. Beginning inventory was 400 units at a cost of $10.00 per unit. Purchase 1 was 500 units at $12.00 per unit. Purchase 2 was 300 units at $14.00 per unit. Required...

In the figure, the meterstick's mass is 0.130 kg and the string tension is 2.30 N . The system is in equilibrium. A) Find the unknown mass m. B) Find the upward force the fulcrum exerts on the stick. I found part A and the answer is .634kg but I can not figure out part B.

Solve the system equations y=4x+8,x^2+7x-20 I'm truly lost

Social Studies (Check my answers please!)
What did the Mayan caldenders track? 1. Religous celebrations and battles 2. Religous celebrations and the seasons ** 3. Games of pok-ta-tok and the seasons 4. Games of pok-ta-tok and battles The Aztech capital of Tenochtitlan stood on the site of present-day_______. 1. Los ...

Algebra 1
A high school club has a performance, with 800 tickets to sell. Tickets are $6 before the day of the show, and $9 on the day of the show. They must sell $5000 in tickets. How do I write a system of inequalities to represent the equation?

Consider 1.00 L of the buffer system that contains 0.200 M hydrocyanic acid(HCN) and 0.150 M sodium cyanide (NaCN). The pKa of hydrocyanic acid is 9.31. What is the [HCN] after 0.020 mol of HCl is added?

A fixed amount of oxygen gas is held in a .500 L tank at a pressure of 4.09 atm. The tank is connected to an empty 1.50 L tank by a tube with a valve. After this valve has been opened and the oxygen is allowed to flow freely between the two tanks at a constant temperature, ...

A typical magnitude of the external magnetic field in a cardiac catheter ablation procedure using remote magnetic navigation is B = 0.080 T. Suppose that the permanent magnet in the catheter used in the procedure is inside the left atrium of the heart and subject to this ...

A fixed amount of oxygen gas is held in a .500 L tank at a pressure of 4.68 atm. The tank is connected to an empty 1.50 L tank by a tube with a valve. After this valve has been opened and the oxygen is allowed to flow freely between the two tanks at a constant temperature, ...

Social Studies Help!!
1, what was the main purpose Roosevelt made in the 1932 election that helped him win? He promised to reorganize the economy He promised to help the jobless, poor farmers,and elderly ******* He promised to regulate big banks more heavily to prevent another depression He ...

In which of the following reactions is work done by the system to the surroundings? A) 2CH3OH(l) + 3O2(g) --> 4H2O(l) + 2CO2(g) B) S(s, rhombic) + O2(g) --> SO2(g) C) 2AgNO3(s) --> 2AgNO2(s) + O2(g) D)4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) --> 2Fe2O3(s) My guess is B because according to...

Social Studies
1. Which option describes a pull factor that influenced European immigration to the United States? 1.Land Scarcity 2.Industrial jobs*** 3.Political Unrest 4.Religious Persecution 2. What role did nativism play in federal policy? Concern for immigrants' children led to ...

Social Studies
Which of these are part of the estate's water system? aviary wrestling grounds baths colonnade

consider an organization as a computer system and identify its components

maths , science
Two point charges q and -2q are kept 'd' distance apart . Find the location of point relative to charge 'q' at which potential due to this system of charges is zero.

A particle A of mass 150g lies at rest on a smooth horizontal surface. A second particle B of mass 100g is projected along the surface with a speed of u m/s and collides directly with A. On collision the masses coalesce and moves on with a speed of 4 m.s . find the value of u ...

At what acceleration would you expect the blood pressure in the brain to drop to zero for an erect person? Why? (Assume there are no body mechanisms operating to compensate for such conditions)

At what acceleration would you expect the blood pressure in the brain to drop to zero for an erect person ?why? (Assume there are no body mechanisms operating to compensate for such conditions)

micro economics theory 2
a watch making firm operating in a competitive market.given by c= 100+ q2., where q is the level of output & c is total cost. a.the price of watches is birr is 60, how many watches produce to maximize profit? b.what will your profit level be? what minimum price will you ...

2. Find the charge in potential energy of the system of two charges plus a third charge q3= 3.00µC as the latter charge moves from the infinity to point P.

Human resource
Suppose you are a staff nurse in a hospital that uses an incentive compensation system. Do you have an obligation to disclose the nature of the compensation arrangement to patients? if so, how should this information be communicating, and by whom?

Mrs. Morton has a special reward system for her class. When all her students behave well, she rewards them by putting 333 marbles into a marble jar. When the jar has 100100100 marbles or more, the class has a party. Right now, the jar contains 242424 marbles. Let rrr represent...

physical science
a cars radio draws 0.25 A of current in the autos 12 volt electrical system. How much power in watts does the radio use?

Tickets to a museum cost $3 and $8 for adults. a group of four visitors to the museum spent a total of $22 on tickets. Write and solve a system of equations to represent this situation. Interpret the solution

U.S History
Hi I took a test that I am not too confident in so if someone could help me out I would love it. Here are the questions and my answers to them. ______________________________________ In the text, you read about the healthcare issue during Bill Clinton's presidency. In 1994, ...

A pulley system of 4 pulleys is used to raise a loan of mass 50kg vertically,if its effeciency is 80%,determine the minimum effort required to raise the load(g=10ms-2)?

infomation system
is a videon great to infom peple about traveling?

You have a total of 52 dimes and quarters. You have 10 more quarters than dimes. Which system of equations can you use to find the number x of quarters and number y of dimes you have? Use the system to determine how much money you have in quarters and dimes.

Health and Physical Education
The Nose, The Diagram and lungs are apart of which system ?

World History
Which of the following best explains how the alliance system contributed to the outbreak of World War I? A. Alliances had limited trade, causing economic problems and spurring unrest. B. Rival alliances had promoted tension rather than security. C. Alliances had failed to ...

Software Engineering
Create an automatic question paper generator system in JAVA which involves Artificial Intelligence with the following requirements:  The system should generate a test paper automatically based on the difficulty level. For this create a fake data for 25 questions and collect...

Please help! I'm really behind and need to catch up. 1. The rings orbiting the Jovian planets may have been small ____ that got too close to the planets long ago. A. Comets B. Asteroids C. Moons D. Meteors 2. What is the composition of the rings around the Jovian planets? A. ...

Which of the following boxes below represent a stable system? Describe how a disturbance to this box would affect it. Use the terms center of mass and equilibrium in your response. Box A: Shaped like a diamond on a flat surface with an arrow pointing downwards. Box B: A square...

Given: ∆PQR, m∠R = 90° m∠PQR = 75° M ∈ PR , MP = 18 m∠MQR = 60° Find: RQ M is on segment PR 9sqrt3 is wrong(the system did not take it)

Which of the following classes best represents rare and serious internal system errors? Error Throwable RuntimeException Exception I think it may be Error or Throwable. Been having alot of trouble with this class lately, help would be appreciated. ~Thank you.

Find the exact values for the lengths of the labeled segments a, b and p drawn in green, red, and blue, respectively. Note that r=3 is the radius of the circle, and s=2 is the arc length from the point (3,0) around the circle to the indicated point. (So imagine a triangle ...

Conversions in the Metric System

The Switch division of Tornax Inc. produces a small switch that is used by various companies as a component part in their products. Tornax operates its divisions as autonomous units, giving its divisional managers great discretion in pricing and other decisions. Each division ...

a point mass of 12.5 kg is hung from an 18.3 m long rope and swings back and forth with an amplitude of 2.34m. what is the oscillation period for the pendulum system?

Really quick question
(this course is called Business Computer Info System fyi) Describe how you would select a function in an spreadsheet. ??? Please help!

The following sphere is responsible for forming the solid shell of Earth that holds up life? -Hydrosphere -Lithosphere -Atmosphere -Biosphere** Explain the interaction between the four main components of Earth's physical systems. Be sure to include the name of each system and ...

Explain in a few words why, when operating a garden hose fitted with a trigger-operated nozzle, the water jet is momentarily more powerful at the instant the trigger is squeezed than later, when there is a continuous stream of water. Show that the amount of power in the water ...

Jim Hurley is an accountant for a local manufacturing company. Jim’s good friend, Mike Kotowski, has been operating a retail sporting goods store for about a year. Mike has proposed that the fee he will pay for Jim’s accounting work should be contingent upon his receiving ...

Social Studies
which of the following was an effect of nativism in the United States in the 1920s? A. the Great Migration** B. the Scopes Trial C. the Jones Act of 1917 D. the quota system

Information system
Is video conferencing really a viable green alternative to travel for most companies

Gen Chem 125
A process takes place at constant pressure. The volume changes and the temperature increases by 91.0oC. The heat capacity of the system at constant volume, CV, is 695.6 kJ/oC. What is ΔE in kJ? (Careful--pay attention to the units of the heat capacity.)

Consider these two tables for Line 1 and Line 2. Line 1: x | y 0 1 3 4 Line 2: x | y 0 0 2 4 (a) Graph Line 1 (already did this) (b) Graph Line 2 on the same graph (already did this) (c) What is the solution to the system? Use graphing to solve. Explain your answer.

Accounting Help (with answers for checking)
Ben Guslists, vice-president of sales, has recommended adding a new product line. A market study and cost analysis show that the new line should yield the following annual results: New Sales $2,800,000.00 Cost of Sales $1,600,000.00 Operating Expenses $200,000.00 Total ...

natural science/bio
flow diagram of circulatory and respiratory system combined

A golf ball of mass 125g hits a billards ball of mass 172.5g that is initially at rest. after the colision, the golf ball moves to the right at a speed of 10cm/s. the billards ball moves to the left with a speed of 58 cm/s. (a) What was the velocity of the golf ball before the...

Social studies
Which of the following was the main contributor to finally bringing the United States out of the Great Depression? A the National Recovery Administration B the Good Neighbor Policy C wartime spending D the election of Roosevelt D or B ----------------------------------- Which ...

Extra Credit Opportunity Health and PE Project: Body Systems 10 Extra Credit Points! (5 points for the project, 5 points for presenting during LL) What: Choose a Body System from Unit 6 and Create a PowerPoint Slide or a Poster! Why: Teach us about the body system you ...

Mere, Sam and Nathan go to a bookshop to buy supplies for their school. Mere bought two erasers and four pencils and paid $2.40 for it. Sam bought six erasers, one pencil and two pens and paid $3.95 while Nathan paid $4.15 for an eraser, a pencil and four pens. Write a system ...

In a heat engine, if 700 J of heat enters the system, and the piston does 400 J of work, what is the final internal (thermal) energy of the system if the initial energy is 1,200?

In using a pulley system, an effort of 100N is needed to raise steadily a load of 800N (a) what is the mechanical advantage?. Data effort=100N load=800N M.A=load/Effort M.A=800N/100N M.A=8

ap physics
Determine the change in rotational kinetic energy when the rotational velocity of the turntable of a stereo system increases from 0 to 33 rpm. Its rotational inertia is 6.8×10−3kg⋅m2 .

Can Someone explain this? Should other states wait to see if the high-speed rail system works well before starting their own plans for similar systems?

social studies thinking works
When several stores in the same neighborhood sell the same video game system, what will likely happen? A. The price in the video game will increase B.the cost of production for video games will increase C.the price of video games will decrease** D.the supply of video games ...

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