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College Chemistry
When one mole of C6H6 is burned, 3.27 MJ of heat is produced. When the heat from burning 5.43 g of C6H6 is added to 5.69 kg of water at 21.0°C, what is the final temperature of the water?

Among a random sample of 500 college students, the mean number of hours worked per week at non-college related jobs is 14.6. This mean lies 0.4 standard deviations below the mean of the sampling distribution. If a second sample of 500 students is selected, what is the ...

A researcher wishes to estimate the proportion of college students who cheat on exams. A poll of 560 college students showed that 27% of them had, or intended to, cheat on examinations. Find the 95% confidence interval. A. 0.2323 to 0.3075 B. 0.2325 to 0.3075 C. 0.2325 to 0....

College Algebra
An executive invests $26,000, some at 8% and some at 6% annual interest. If he receives an annual return of $1,800, how much is invested at each rate?

College Physics
At a firing range, a target is placed 300 m from where someone is firing a rifle. The muzzle speed of this rifle is 700 m/s. If the rifle is aimed directly at the center of the target, by how far will the target miss? At what angle would the rifle need to be aimed at to hit ...

College english
some hallucinogens can be found in plants. mescaline comes from a cactus called peyote. And certain mushroom, also known as magic mushrooms, are hallucinogens.But many hallucinogens are chemicals that don't occur in nature. some examples are: LSD,MDA, MDMA, PCP Topic Pattern ...

college physics
You step onto a hot beach with your bare feet. A nerve impulse, generated in your foot, travels through your nervous system at an average speed of 124 m/s. How much time does it take for the impulse, which travels a distance of 1.60 m, to reach your brain?

College Algebra
how do you find the sloution of each of the following rational euations ?? ▶ 4 / m+2 - 2 / m-3 = 6 /(m+2)(m-3) ▶ 3x-2 / 5x+5 = 4x-3 / 6x+7

college algebra
A car salesperson's annual income depends on the amount of his sales. His annual income is a salary of $11500 plus 12% of his annual sales. Write a linear equation for his annual income for sales of x dollars. ( I = mx + b ). 11500=I i Don't know what is mx+b is.

hoerner college
A man sells a tv set for rs 3,450 and makes a profit 15% he sells a second tv set at loss 10%,find the cp ?

college algeb
help :) 1.) cube root of 3x^2 multiplied to square root of 2x? 2.) square root of 3+2sqrt2 multiplied to sqrt of 3 - 2sqrt2 3.) sixth root of 12 divided by (sqrt 3 multiplied to cube root of 2) 4.) 4/cuberoot of 16

College english
Don't want to forget what you learned today? Sleep on it. Naps, ideally 90 minutes long, help you register the happenings and how-to's learned during the day. Then when you catch your z's at night, your brain creates memories of the day's events. But overload your brain with ...

college algebra
Barbara has $4.40 worth of change in nickels and dimes. If she has 2 times as many nickels as dimes, how many of each type of coin does she have?

stats 200
. At a college, 72% of courses have final exams and 46% of courses require research papers. Suppose that 32% of courses have a research paper and a final exam. Let F be the event that a course has a final exam. Let R be the event that a course requires a research paper. a. ...

sita college
It took 20 seconds for a certain volume of oxygen to effuse through an orifice(small opening) at 298K. How long will it take the same volume of each of the following gases to effuse through the same orifice at the same temperature?. The gases are hydrogen, helium, and chlorine...

1. What fact best explains why it is significant that Angelou's narrative is set in 1940? A. In 1940 the united states was not yet involved in world war 2 B. In 1940 segregation of blacks and whites was still the norm *** C. In 1940 most high school students did not go on to ...

st stevens college baja
A light inextensible string passes over a smooth light pulley and masses of 3 and 7 kg are attached to its ends.the masses are released from rest when 7kg mass is 1m above a horizontal table. 1) show that 7kg mass hits the table about 5/9 seconds if released.

1. He is an old college buddy of mine. 2. He is an old university buddy of mine. ================ Are both OK? Which one is commonly used? Does 'buddy' mean 'friend'? Can we substitute 'friend' for 'buddy'?

Gymnast Clothing manufactures expensive soccer cleats for sale to college bookstores in runs of up to 500. Its cost (in dollars) for a run of x pairs of cleats is C(x) = 3000 + 6x + 0.1x2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 500). Gymnast Clothing sells the cleats at $130 per pair. Find the ...

Allan Hancock College
A rectangular lot whose perimeter is 260 ft is fenced along three sides. An expensive fencing along the​ lot's length cost $ 36 per foot. An inexpensive fencing along the two side widths costs only $ 6 per foot. The total cost of the fencing along the three sides comes ...

college math
1. If a person jogs at a rate of mi/hr for hr in a week, how many calories will the person burn?

College Physics
A cyclist is at rest at a traffic light. When the light turns green, he begins accelerating at 2.56 m/s2. How far does he go after the light turns green until he reaches a cruising speed of 10.88 m/s?

Bytco College
Calculate the volume of O2 evolved &mass of KCl formed by decomposition of 30.8 gm KClO3

college Algebra
Factoring 2a(a+3b) - 5(a+3b)

college history
What were the company towns about?

1. United Nations, 310, 314, 362 charter of, 311 Declaration of, 309 United States, 225, 238, 275, 289 in Big Four, 322, 325-7 in League of Nations, 299 Lend-Lease policy of, 307 Neutrality of, 305 as United Nations sponsor, 313 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 316 “...

1. United Nations, 310, 314, 362 charter of, 311 Declaration of, 309 United States, 225, 238, 275, 289 in Big Four, 322, 325-7 in League of Nations, 299 Lend-Lease policy of, 307 Neutrality of, 305 as United Nations sponsor, 313 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 316 “...

college algebra
Solve the following exponential equation by expressing each side as a power of the same base and then equating exponents. 31-x = 1/27

computer programming
Boardman College maintains two files—one for Sociology majors and another for Anthropology majors. Each file contains students' ID numbers, last names, first names, and grade point averages. Each file is in student ID number order. The college is merging the two departments ...

Opra college
Chemistry work........the volume of oxygen measured at stp will br produced on heating 24.5grams of potassium trioxochlorate(v)

college. physics and chemistry and mathematics
An element crystalline in face centred cubic lattice. CCalculate the length of the side of the unit cell if the radius of atom is200pm

college chemistry
The air in a typical La Crosse basement contains 53 atoms of 222Rn per liter. A. If the basement has 950 ft^2 of floor space and is 8.0 feet tall, how many 222Rn atoms are there in the whole basement? B. Assuming a total pressure of 1.00 atm, what is the partial pressure of ...

college chemistry
A piece of wood is discovered in the Amazon with a 14C/12C that is 64.3% that of living organisms. How old is it? I have no clue how to do this please help.

El camino college:math
The xyz corporation claims that there's NO DIFFERENCE in the salary of female and male workers at the Southern California plant. A human rights agency took two samples(25 each) .the male sample gad a mean of 350per week wit standard deviation of 50. The female sample had a ...

Is nursing considered a a science major because I'm taking this course called "CHEM 1001 Chemistry and the World Around Us?" and I studying nursing in college. Please be honest. Thank you! :)

College Algebra
This exercise deals with logarithmic scales. Earthquake A had a magnitude of 8.2 on the Richter scale. At the same time an earthquake B with magnitude 4.8 caused only minor damage. How many times more intense was earthquake A than earthquake B? (Round your answer to two ...

College Algebra
This exercise uses the radioactive decay model. A wooden artifact from an ancient tomb contains 80% of the carbon-14 that is present in living trees. How long ago was the artifact made? (The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. Round your answer to the nearest whole number...

College Algebra
4 + 5^6x = 8 (a) Find the exact solution of the exponential equation in terms of logarithms. x = (b) Use a calculator to find an approximation to the solution rounded to six decimal places. x = can any body help me out here please?

if the number of professors in a college is p and the number of students s and there are 19 times as many students as professors, write an algebraic equation that shows the relationship Thanks for the help!

probability/please help
At a local college,147 of the male students are smokers and 343 are non-smokers. Of the female students,180 are smokers and 420 are non-smokers. A male student and a female student from the college are randomly selected for a survey. What is the probability that both are non-...

A sample survey interviews an SRS of 115 college women. Suppose that 68% of all college women have been on a diet within the last 12 months. What is the probability that 76% or more of the women in the sample have been on a diet?

College Algebra
A sky diver jumps from a reasonable height above the ground. The air resistance she experiences is proportional to her velocity, and the constant of proportionality is 0.23. It can be shown that the downward velocity of the sky diver at time t is given by v(t) = 180(1 − ...

College Algebra
A radioactive substance decays in such a way that the amount of mass remaining after t days is given by the function m(t) = 9e−0.012t b) How much of the mass remains after 49 days? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

College Algebra
Use the Laws of Logarithms to expand the expression. loga(x^5/yz^6) and this was my answer and I got it wrong can any one tell me what I did wrong and what they got? 5log(x)-log(y)-6log(z)

College Algebra
A radioactive substance decays in such a way that the amount of mass remaining after t days is given by the function m(t) = 9e−0.012t where m(t) is measured in kilograms. (a) Find the mass at time t = 0.

College Algebra
Use the definition of the logarithmic function to find x. (a) ln x = 6 x = (b) ln e^2 = x x = can someone explain to me how to do this?

College Algebra
Use a calculator to evaluate the function at the indicated values. Round your answers to three decimals. g(x) =(2/3)^x-1 g(1.5)= g(square root of 3)= g(2pie)= g(-4/5)

College Algebra
Use the Laws of Logarithms to combine the expression. 1/5log(x + 3)^5 +1/3 [log x^6 − log(x^2 − x − 12)^3]

College Algebra
Use the Laws of Logarithms to expand the expression. loga(x^5/yz^6) Can anybody help me step by step pleassse?

College Algebra
Find a fourth-degree polynomial with integer coefficients that has zeros 4i and −1, with −1 a zero of multiplicity 2. (Use x for the variable.) can somebody help me do this?

College algebra
how do you find the population (in thousands) of people of a city is growing according to the function P(t)=1500(2)^0.144t, where t is the number of years since 2001. I need to find the population of the city in 2001 and in 2008.

College Algebra
The sum of three consecutive natural numbers is 966. Find the numbers.

College Alg
Use synthetic division and the Remainder Theorem to evaluate P(c). P(x) = 5x5 + 10x3 + x + 1, c = −2 p(-2)=

College Alg
Graph the polynomial in the given viewing rectangle. Find the coordinates of all local extrema. State each answer correct to two decimal places. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) y = 2x3 − 3x2 − 12x − 32, [ −5, 5] by [−60, 30] find minimum...

College Algebra
f(x) = x2 + 11x, x ≥ − 11/2 find the inverse

College Algebra
A function f has the following verbal description: "Multiply by 5, add 9, and then take the fifth power of the result." and find the inverse?

College Psychology
can some one explain it to me why life started in prenatal development??

College Alg
Find the inverse function of f. f(x) = 36 − x2 , 0 ≤ x ≤ 6 I can't seem to find this inverse, someone help please?

College Algebra
If g(x) = x2 + 6x with x ≥ −3, find g−1(55) I need help solving this problem this is an example but it does not thoroughly is explained. :/

El Camino College
suppose you buy a ticket for a raffle. the ticket's price is 5$ and the price tis worth 200. If 100 tickets are sold how much money do you expect to win/lose?

college chem
Calculate the molarity of the solution: 42.6 g NaCl in 1.58 L

College Algebra II
A patient’s cost for a hospital stay is determined as follows: Admission = $50 Room charge: first night: $1000 nights 2-4: $1500 per night night 5 and beyond: $2000 per night Surgery: $8500 per surgeon, plus $3000 for an anesthesiologist (a) What would be the cost of a three...

College Education
What was the role of school counselors during the Agrarian age, the Industrial age and the Knowledge age. Or were there counselors during this time period?

Three(3) digit numbers can be formed from the digits 0,1,3,5,7 and 8. How many numbers can be formed without repeats. (A) if the 3 digits numbers must be divisible by 5. (b) if the 3 digits number must be a multiple of 2

Lemoyne Owen College
Math- If the gas is initially at room temperature (20celsius)and is heated in an isobaric (constant pressure) processing then what will be the temperature of gas in degree Celsius when it has expanded to a volume of 0.700 m to the third power

college chemistry
A 9.60 mL sample of 12.0 M HCl is used to prepare 125 mL of diluted acid. A sample of 32.4 mL of Ba(OH)2 base is exactly neutralized by 24.0 mL of dilute acid. What is the concentration of the Ba(OH)2 base? Help. I don;t know where to start.

College Algebra
A rectangular parcel of land is 20 ft longer than it is wide. Each diagonal between opposite corners is 100 ft. What are the dimensions of the parcel? This is an Example in the book but it does not clarify in the text book, Can anybody please show me how to do this?

david college
two capacitors of capacitance 4 micheal farad and 6 micheal farad are connected in series to a 100v DC supply.Draw the circuit.(A)calculate the:(1)charge on either plate of each capacitor(2)pottential difference accross each capacitor(3)the energy of combined capacitor.

Peninsula college
Wendy is traveling 120 miles away from chasity. They are traveling towards each other. If chasity travels 4 mph faster than Wendy and they meet after 4 hours, how fast was each traveling?

Complete Problem 34 in Section 5.2 Exercises (Ch. 5) of Essentials of Geometry for College Students. Use the table below to show your work and solve the problem. You may add or delete rows as necessary.

emmanuel college
Chemistry A is a solution of H2SO4 containing 2.5g in 500cm3

college geometry
Find the measure of the smaller angle.if its complement is 30° more than four times the smaller angle.

vn college
sodium has a body centred packing.If a distance between two nearest atom is 3.7A¡ã,then lattice parameter is ?

Geography-~ Cultures
For an assignment, I had to write a discussion so here is my discussion. My question is: How would YOU respond to my discussion in a good college paragraph. With cultural blending and exchange comes a lot of change in a culture. This was acceptable in some areas and ...

Atakpa science college zaki-biam
Two identical charges repel each other with a force 0.1mN and are moved additional 5.0cm a part the repulsive force is reduced to 25 x 10^-6N, (a) How far were they originally (b) what is the size of the charges

hill college
in a test of the effectiveness of garlic for lowering cholesterol, 48 subjects were treated with garlic in a processed tablet form. cholesterol levels were measured before and after the treatment. the changes in their levels of ldl cholesterol (in mg/dl) have a mean of 3.2 and...

A study of 600 college students taking statistics revealed that 54 students received the grade of A. Typically 10% of the class gets an A. The difference between this gourp of students and the expected value is not significant at the 0.05 level. What does this mean?

college chemistry
When a solution containing 8.00 g NaOH in 50.0 g of water at 25 °C is added to a solution of 8.00 g of HCl in 250.0 g of water at 25 °C in a calorimeter, the temperature of the solution increases to 33.5 °C. Assuming that the specific heat heat of the solution is 4.184 J/(...

How do you find the p-value??? Thanks! In the past, 35% of the students at ABC University were in the Business College, 35% of the students were in the Liberal Arts College, and 30% of the students were in the Education College. To see whether or not the proportions have ...

college chemistry
Calculate the molarity (M) of 156.2g of H2SO4 in 1.275L of solution.

College of education ekiadolor Benin
The scores of an achievement test given to 100,000 students are normally distributed with mean 500 and standard deviation 100.what should the score of a student be to place him or her among the 10% of the students?

navarro college biology
During the sequencing of dna into a protein, what is the first step?

unique national comprehensive college
Physics: an elastic cord can be stretched to its elastic limit by a load of 2N.if a 35cm length of the cord is extended 0.6cm by force of 0.5N,what will be the length of the cord when the stretching force is 2.5N?

The paragraph or essay type most frequently called for in college, business, and daily life is A. persuasive. B. cause-and-effect. C. classification. D. comparison-contrast

a manufacture of brand A jeans has daily production costs of C =0.2x^2 -96x+12,095 where C is the total cost in dollars and x is the number of jeans produced. How many jeans should be produced each day in order to minimize costs? what is the minimum daily cost .

In which sentence does the italicized word have a negative connotation? A. Jack, who is the most outspoken member of the group, led the opposition to the new rule. B. Jenna's green eyes and dark eyelashes gave her an exotic look. C. Matthew was a scrawnykid, but he grew up ...

In which sentence does the italicized word have a negative connotation? A. Jack, who is the most outspoken member of the group, led the opposition to the new rule. B. Jenna's green eyes and dark eyelashes gave her an exotic look. C. Matthew was a scrawnykid, but he grew up ...

Agricultural Science,Business Studies,History,Life Orientation.
I do the following subjects:Agricultural Science,Business Studies,History,Life Orientation and Two Languages.And Im wondering What kind of A Job can I get and which college/university can Go to? .. Please Help

college geometry
A rectangle ABCD has three of its vertices at A(2, 1), B(6, 1), and C(6, 3). Find the fourth vertex D and the area of rectangle ABCD.

college geometry
M(2.1, 5.7) is the midpoint of , in which A is the point (1.7, 2.3). Find the coordinates of B.

college geometry
Points A and B have symmetry with respect to point C. Find the coordinates of C given the points: a) A(3, 4) and B(5, 1) c) A(5, 3) and B(2, 1) b) A(0, 2) and B(0, 6) d) A(2a, 0) and B(0, 2b)

POL201: American National Government
The reason that the President is called the Commander-in-Chief in the Constitution is because the Framers wanted to provide the President with authority over the secretary of defense. CORRECT to establish the principle of civilian control of the armed forces. to establish a ...

Consider the distribution of mathematics SAT scores of students in honors calculus at a liberal arts college. What would you expect the shape and variation of the distribution to be? A. Symmetric with little variation B. Symmetric with large variation C. Skewed right with ...

college geometry
Points A and B have symmetry with respect to the origin O. Find the coordinates of B if A is the point: a) (3, 4) c) (a, 0) b) (0, 2) d) (b, c)

college geometry
10. Find the midpoint of the line segment that joins each pair of points: a) (Ϫ3, Ϫ7) and (2, 5) c) (Ϫa, Ϫb) and (a, b) b) (0, 0) and (Ϫ2, 6) d) (2a, 2b) and (2c, 2d)

college geometry
If the distance between (b, 3) and (7, 3) is 3.5 units, find all possible values of b.

college major
can you major in operations research and be ok in math. (not great)?

college chemistry
How many calories are required to change 259 g of ice at 0 °C to steam at 100 °C?

English *Frankstein*
1. does Mary Shelley’s work have in common with other works written in her day? It tells of characters whose greatest achievements bring them to despair. It warns scientists to respect the limits of their intellects. It features ornate, formal language and detailed ...

goverment help
How does voter turnout in the United States compare to voter turnout in other democracies? It is low. It is very high. It is above average. It is rather high. B What is the term for a ballot question that asks voters if they want to pass a special law directly? amendment bond ...

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