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principles of marketing
what would be a good emotional advertising topic? I am having such a hard time trying to find something to write about please help me.

emotinal advertising on life that have a marketing
what is a good marketing focused emotional advertising on living

pinciples of marketing
what is a good emotinal advertising that could be used that would have a marketing focus

Please help. How do organizational and consumer markets differ? What are the implications of both of these kinds of differences for developing marketing programs?

How do organizational and consumer markets differ? What are the implications of both of these kinds of differences for developing marketing programs?

Select three major sales promotions from different companies.

Triple Play, Inc Triple Play, Inc. was established in 1982 by Randy Cleaver, Jim “Bluefish” Johnson, and Willie Lloyd, all ex-major league baseball players who were interested in offering quality baseball mitts at affordable prices. These players felt that, at the time, ...

^^Brand Extension^^
wat does brand extension mean? cud u give me an example? Brand extension or brand stretching is a marketing strategy in which a firm marketing a product with a well-developed image uses the same brand name in a different product category. The new product is called a spin-off. ...

System Analysis and Designs - IT460
I need help really bad since I am majorly stuck due to things happening in the family. My GPA thus far for this course is a 4.0, however, now I am stumped. Please complete the following projects using MS Word. Save the project as Unit 4 Project. Jesse wants to see a context ...

Want to know how to answer the questions listed below pretaining to the movie " Saving Private Ryan". „Q Explain the demographic, psychographics, behavior patterns, consumer patterns, and socioeconomic market segments you think this movie will attract and why.

what advice or business insight do u feel is best and explain why

Business Calc
Hercules Films is deciding on the price of the video release of its film Bride of the Son of Frankenstein. Marketing estimates that at a price of p dollars, it can sell q = 240,000 − 15,000p copies, but each copy costs $4 to make. What price will give the greatest profit?

What are the benefits and risks of advertising and marketing health care products and services to potential health care consumers? i need at least 2.

A primary care medical group has a list of patients who had once used the group on a regular basis as their primary source of care. However, in scanning their records, these patients had not been in for an appointment in the past 2 years. The senior partner wants to send them ...

Some firms are too production-oriented and inefficient. That can result in customers who are not satisfied and micro-marketing that can cost too much. Identify and explain at least three reasons for these marketing inefficiencies.

Basic Marketing
A large number of forces shape the marketing environment. The technological environment is one of the most important today. Discuss the impact of technology on marketing including, the opportunities, challenges and ethical issues technology poses for marketing.

Hewlett-Packard sells personal computers through specialty computer stores, electronics superstores, and its own Internet site. The marketing mix variable that is being considered here is

I need to answer questions about Prince tennis. One of the questions is "Because sales of Prince Sports in tennis-related products depends heavily on growth of the tennis industry, what marketing activities might it use in the U.S to promote tennis playing? I came up with the ...

business law
Steamatic of Kansas City Inc specialized in cleaning and restoring property damaged by fire, smoke, water, or other elements. It employed Rhea as a marketing rep. His duties included soliciting customers, preparing cost estimates, supervising restoration work and conducting ...

Managed Health Care
Detail two examples of what health insurance companies decided to do to help with marketing appeal and positioning to consumers regarding choices and selection of a health care plan?

The business plan should include the concepts and ideas covered during the past several weeks. The following points need to be addressed in your business plan for the establishment of an e-commerce site: The e-commerce infrastructure Marketing concepts for the e-commerce ...

Business Mathematics
In finance department of a certain company, there are twice as many men as women and in the marketing department there are ten more men than women. The number of women in both departments is the same and there are two more workers in finance department compared to marketing ...

MKTG205-1101B-07 Principles of Marketing Assignment Name: Unit 5 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages Details: Select a global company of your choice in the service industry. Using your selected global company as the subject matter, research the principles of ...

The following phrases are bullet points in a letter. Which one is not in parallel form? A. Increase sales support staff B. Run market test with Group A C. Decrease overhead D. Don't forget marketing plan

Explain the importance of an organized new-product development process and illustrate how it might be used for. a. A new care product b. A new children’s toy and c. A new subscribers-only cable television channel

Is there any difference between a brand name and trademark? If so, why is this difference important?

Explain the importance of an organized new-product development process and illustrate how it might be used for.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you define marketing.

Discuss the universal functions of marketing and those functions that would apply to the products/services provided by a fictitious firm of your choosing.

marketting ,,,,,,please help me asap
please is any one can hel me to answer this question as soon as possible thanks a lot. question in the subject marketing. 1.what distribution decisions would a new firm RENTS VANS to small business, seasonal business have to make?

marketing,,need your help plz.
can you help me to answer thi question below.. what distribution decisions would a new firm rents vans tosmall,seasonal business to make?

marketing please help me
please can you help me for this question to get the right answer,,,, distinguish among a product modification a minoy innovation and a major innovation.present an example of each for a hotel

billing and coding
pick 3 firms to research. based on internet reseach on these companies write a 500-750 word reseach paper proposing at least three marketing opportunities that you would strongly suggest that each firm pursue

Principles of Marketing
Describe the situation that would lead to the use of the three different buying process for a particular product lightweight bumpers for a pickup truck

Managerial Accounting
Flexible budget planning Sam Yu, the president of Centech Computer Services, needs your help. He wonders about the potential effects on the firm's net income if he changes the service rate that the firm charges its customers. The following basic data pertains to fiscal year ...

Principles of Marketing
A marketing manager is considering opportunities to export her film’s current consumer product to several different countries. She is interested in getting secondary data that will help her narrow down choice to countries that offer the best potential. The manager then plans...

Which of the following are high in search properties? clothing TV repair legal services auto repair medical diagnosis I think it is legal services i am unsure.

The emergency room staff in Houston's largest hospital is surprised and pleased when a four-day Fourth of July weekend brings fewer accident victims in for treatment. They know from experience that such public holidays have high rates of accidents. For the hospital business ...

Can someone check my answer and let me know if it is missing something? Make any necessary corrections to the following paragraph- look for sound alike words, verb tense shift, singular subject/pronoun agreement etc… Tom Greene, Director of Sales, was in the office yesterday...

Make any necessary corrections to the following paragraph- look for sound alike words, verb tense shift, singular subject/pronoun agreement etc… Tom Greene, Director of Sales, was in the office yesterday. He shows the staff various new products for marketing and asked that ...

marketing,,help me pls.
please can you help the advantege of metropolitan magazin. differentiate the advantage of metropolitan magazine

discuss the legal and ethical implications that could affect the marketing process with nutrition life cycle of school age children

marketing,,,,pls help me
please can you help to have an idea for this question...thanks a lot how does a firm corporate culture influence the performance of its personnel? the answer should be ralated to a small catering business that caters to corporate accounts.

marketing,,,i need you help
is anyone can help me to get an idea for this question.. how does a firm corporate cultur influence the performance of its personnel? relate the anwer to a small catering business that caters to corporate accounts.

marketing,,please help me
is anyone can help me please for this question. why are supplier an mportant uncontrollable factor for many companies?

47) When segmenting broad product-markets, cost considerations tend A. To lead to more aggregating. B. To lead to a large number of small, but very homogeneous, product-market segments. C. To be unimportant as long as the segmenting dimensions are operational. D. To encourage ...

BUS 210
Content and Development 170 Points Points Earned XX/170 Additional Comments: The student covers all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way. · Reviews the three business problems identified in Week Six paper · Develops technology solutions to the identified ...

U.S. Pharmaceutical of Korea* U.S. Pharmaceutical of Korea (USPK) was formed in 1969. Its one manufacturing plant is located just outside Seoul, the capital. Although the company distributes its products throughout South Korea, 40 percent of its total sales of $5 million were...

Courtney, a sales manager, and her team of six have been assigned the task of developing a marketing strategy for a new software product developed by her company. A couple of team members propose a business plan centered on a good price that would make the product affordable. ...

The owner of a small hardware store-the only one in a medium –sized town in the mountains-has just learned that a large home improvement chain plans to open a new store nearby. How difficulty will it be for the owner to plan for this new competitive threat? Explain your answer

can you help me please to differentitae this follows... 1.synthetic vs. fabricating process what does it mean please i need your help

marketing business
please is anyone can help me to differentiate betwee them. i am really have a confuse with them.thanks a.analytic vs.manufacturing b.analytic vs.synthetic c.synthetic vs.fabricating process

How would a knowledge of marketing benefit an accountant differently from an attorney or physician?

Please refer to the following advantages and disadvantages: Advantages Little capital outlay Some control of operations Risks are shared and limited Local knowledge Disadvantages/Potential problems Limited contact with customers No direct control of operations Profits must be ...

kidly please can anyone help me to give an idea about this question for my subject since i could not explain well.thank you so much. what does it mean publics demand to elaborate.... q.distinguish betwee consumer and publics demand. i just want to have an idea to elaborate ...

please can you help to give idea or answer for this homework in marketing subject, how does marketing influence us daily as consumer.

please is anyone can help me to give anexample for this firm. what does this mean.which is in mareting subject. goal oriented firm ,,give an example



discuss how you might use the new product development process if you were thinking about offering some kind of seummer service to residents in a beach resort town

consumer services then to be intangible.and goods tend to be tangible, use an example to explain how the lack of a physical good in a pure service might affect efforts to promote the service.

Name 3 things a marketing department of a firm does?

Clustering techniques applied to segmenting markets?

An economics student would like to buy a mini-scooter, but she cannot afford one. Which of the following reasons explain why marketing fails to occur here? (Points : 1) two or more parties with unsatisfied needs a desire on the part of each to satisfy the other no assessments ...

1. Recently American Express, Visa and MasterCard have been pushing hard into the small-ticket end of the credit card market. The purchase of items such as fast food meals, and movie popcorn and candy have been targeted as growth areas for credit card usage. This is an ...

is the process of naming broad product-markets and then segmenting these broad product-markets in order to select target markets and develop suitable marketing mixes.

Identify the strategy decisions a marketing manager must make in the Price area. Illustrate you answer for a local retailer.

A store specializing in collectible china and plates has decided to move into e-business. However, the store is unsure about how to get the word out about its new site and has hired your team to assist it. •Write a mini-marketing PowerPoint presentation plan that addresses ...

Math/ Trade & Cash discounts
This problem deals with TRADE & CASH DISCOUNTS. PLEASE HELP!!! I'm not sure which equation to use for some of the problems. THANK YOU! Misuse and abuse of trade discounts infringe on fair trade laws and can cost companies stiff fines and legal fees. One way to avoid misuse is ...

MATH: Cash discounts / Trade discounts
This problem deals with TRADE & CASH DISCOUNTS. PLEASE HELP solving some questions. Here is some information in regards to the questions. THANK YOU! Misuse and abuse of trade discounts infringe on fair trade laws and can cost companies stiff fines and legal fees. One way to ...

MATH: Cash discounts / Trade discounts
This problem deals with TRADE & CASH DISCOUNTS. PLEASE HELP solving some questions. Here is some information in regards to the questions. THANK YOU! Misuse and abuse of trade discounts infringe on fair trade laws and can cost companies stiff fines and legal fees. One way to ...

This problem deals with TRADE & CASH DISCOUNTS. PLEASE HELP solving some questions. Here is some information in regards to the questions. THANK YOU! Misuse and abuse of trade discounts infringe on fair trade laws and can cost companies stiff fines and legal fees. One way to ...

You have been hired as the marketing manager. Research and identify major approaches of how innovations like these are adopted by consumers. Discuss how the marketing strategy for the car needs to rapidly move through these processes. Who or what are the key groups that need ...

Imagine you are creating a marketing plan for a company that will sell kites. as you consider the marketing program what types of strategy should you consider including in the plan. Propose one specific example of each type of strategy that you are considering and present your...

A large community hospital, River Valley, has recently begun to acquire physician practices. At issue is whether to rename each acquired practice “River Valley Associates” or to leave each name alone. 1. What are the trade-offs River Valley should consider in this decision...

If you are using the Internet and Web resources for a business publication, under which conditions is it not necessary to include a citation?

Your manager has asked you to investigate the Internet marketing strategies used by the company's major competitors. Use the library, the Internet, and any other resources to research competitors and prepare a presentation. Here are the questions to address for each of the ...

Briefly describe your selected problem when buuying a car?

Principles of Business
Approximately how many people work in the: Finance Department? Sales Department? Purchasing Department? Personnel Department? Production Department? Marketing Department? Advertising Department? Legal Department? Administration Department?

Select a company that produces a product that you use and with which you are familiar. For the company to make decisions about developing new products and attracting new customers, it must rely on marketing research. These decisions feed into the company’s marketing plan. ...

select a consumer item available today and analyze it using the 4 ps of marketing

marketing assignments
I've done my assignment but i've not done the citations. can u help me

Health care marketing
Need a paper 3-5 pages long…………….written in APA style. That answers the FOLLOWING: Describe WHICH of the three alternative decision-making sequences is being used in each of the following situations. Explain your choice. 1. The 25-year old, healthy worker who sees ...

What do you consider of when you think of word business? -Add all words/phrases you can think of on your sheet of paper. My list: -organization -computers -company -Financing -Entrepreneur -Marketing What else?

ABC Technologies manufactures computer accessories, such as modems and network cards. Even though the company has several purchasing managers, the company president has final authority on all purchases over $500, including the selection of the supplier. In the typical buying ...

What are the three essential lessons from Theodore Levitt's Marketing Myopia?

Is a resume a self-marketing tool? a written representation of who u are, list of ingredients and set of instructions as to what to do with them? It would be a self-marketing tool right?

what special advantages and potential problems did 3m have in introducing a new highlighter with flags product for college students in 2004

managment science
Supposed you have been hired as a Marketing Manager in a Multinational Company which is dealing in high tech products. Company wants to launch a cell phone in the market which can measure the Sugar level and Heart beat of the users. Since, it is a specialty product so it ...

Imagine that you are a mentor to a new employee at a marketing firm. The new employee is having trouble understanding what the term market communication really means.

Should the United States allow the direct marketing of medications in print and on television? Support your response. How do you feel direct marketing affects the cost of prescription medications?

) According to the text, marketing means:

marketing mix
a firm's marketing mix decision areas would not include: A. Product B. Promotion C. Price D. People

Managerial Economics
You are considering setting up a software development business. To set up the enterprise you will need to buy equipment costing $100,000. This equipment will be depreciated straight line over 5 years to a zero salvage value. Its market value at the end of the 5 years will be ...

7) The marketing mix

Calculate a forecast of the above demand using a 3- and 5-period moving average.

Regional Integration for and Against Articles • Felix, a U.S. technology company has recently developed a revolutionary wireless phone. The product offers exciting new features along with all of the features of current products, but at a fraction of the manufacturing costs. ...

Can someone please help me with this? I really just do not know where to start researching for the answer, where are some good places to look? Develop a research proposal in the form of a PowerPoint presentation of 8–15 slides. Your proposal should outline and provide ...

A firm's decisions regarding channel type, market exposure, and kinds of intermediaries would fall under the marketing mix variable of what?

As a marketing analyst for Imperial Products, your task is to determine if a new product is worth marketing nationwide. The director of marketing has stated that at least 85percent of the public must express some desire for the product and, for those who exhibit an interest, ...

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