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Bus 101
Can someone help me to compare answer for final exams introduction to Business - These are my answers Here are my answers... 1.c 2.a 3.a 4.d 5.c 6.b 7.a 8.b 9.c 10.b 11.a 12.a 13.c 14.d 15.a 16.a 17.a 18.8 19.c 20.b 21.a 22.a 23.d 24.a 25.b 26.d 27.a 28.b 29.d 30.c 31.b 32.c ...

Hooke's law

social studiesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
2. Why did the United States enter World War I? (Choose all that apply.) (2 points) U.S. leaders wanted German territory. U.S. leaders wanted to aid German efforts in the war. U.S. leaders believed Germany had violated international law. The U.S. economy depended on ...

1 question omh help??
1 I sit on the bank in my special place, 2 Feel the breeze that lifts my hair, 3 And watch the ripples run across the river. 4 It is so peaceful here. 5 Deep enough to justify a fishing pole, 6 Quiet enough for my every thought, 7 The perfect place to contemplate 8 The world ...

13. What is the best paraphrase of the first stanza? (1 point) I have a special place at the river where the wind goes through my hair and the ripples run across the river. I sometimes fish at the river. Sometimes I think about my life when I look at the river. I sit on the ...

1 question LA AM I RIGHT?
"The River" 1 I sit on the bank in my special place, 2 Feel the breeze that lifts my hair, 3 And watch the ripples run across the river. 4 It is so peaceful here. 5 Deep enough to justify a fishing pole, 6 Quiet enough for my every thought, 7 The perfect place to contemplate 8...

13. What is the best paraphrase of the first stanza? (1 point) I have a special place at the river where the wind goes through my hair and the ripples run across the river. I sometimes fish at the river. Sometimes I think about my life when I look at the river. I sit on the ...

business statistics
pkg1 pkg2 215 148 89 70 367 292 find the relative frequency of occurrence approach to determine the probability that a tube of toothpaste sold had packaging style 1

employment law
The bona fide occupational qualification: A. operates as a defense to claims for discrimination based on religion, national origin, gender, and age. B. has been found not to apply to sex discrimination cases. C. operates as a defense only to claims for discrimination based on ...

employment law
If the employee taking FMLA leave has unused paid vacation or sick leave, the employer may: A. require the employee to use sick leave toward the FMLA leave, but not vacation. B. not allow any time to be taken under the FMLA. C. require the employee to use both sick leave and ...

On Abby Ellen's graduation from law school, Abby's uncle, Bull Brady, promised her a gift of $24,000 or $2,400 every quarter for the next 4 years after graduating from law school. If the money could be invested at 6% compounded quarterly, which offer should Abby choose?

5. A long-time expert in your field who will guide and advise you in your start-up phase is called a/an A. mentor. B. investment counselor. C. contact. D. entrepreneur. My answer is b If not b then d But I'm bit sure I need help

American History
The reason that the President is called the Commander-in-Chief in the Constitution is because the Framers wanted ***to provide the President with authority over the secretary of defense. Question 2. Question : Thomas Jefferson justified the Louisiana Purchase on the grounds ...

what is the rate law for NO+O3=NO2+O2 in second order reaction if [NO] Doubled

Even though I do not believe the Big Bang is what created the universe(although what people clam the bing bang was would have been similar to what happened when God said "Let there be light" I still have astronomy hw. haha. I am having trouble with this question. The big bang ...

1 The principle of conservation of heat energy states that that when an object is at constant temperature or is in thermal equilibrium, it is losing and gaining heat at equal rates. the heat lost by a hot body is equal to the heat gained by the cold body in any system provided...

What is a key personnel in the courtroom? I have tried research, yet I am just stuck.

What is the ratio of the wight of a man when he is in a tunnel 1000 km below the surface of the Earth to his weight at the surface? ...I'm not sure how to proceed, not because I don't know how to do it, but because I have no idea how to come up with a(g) 1000 km inside the ...

Describe the role of the court in Australia's legal system.

17. Calculate H for the following reaction using Hess law H2 (g) + Br2 (g) → 2 HBr (g) Experimental information 2 H+ → H2 H -436.4 kJ 2 Br- → Br2 H -192.5 kJ 2 H+ + 2 Br- →2 HBr H -144.8 kJ

science PLZ HELP
electric charges that are different A) attract each other B) repel each other C) exist in pairs D) do not interact Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet A) are only perpendicular to the magnet B) spread out from one pole and curve around the other C) cross back and forth ...

business math
Anny invests $8,500, at 6% interest, compounded quarterly for 12 years?

In the past year, Jack's Pizaa Resturant grossed more than $1500 a day for about 83% of its business days. Suppose 8 days are randomly selected, approximate the probablity that exactly 6 days will gross more than $1500 in a day.

1. What was the New South philosophy? (1 point) a philosophy that the southern economy should become more industrialized the idea that African Americans should own more businesses*** the notion that traditional farming techniques should be maintained a concept that allowed ...

child day care
. In the childcare field, the main purpose of a Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is to A. improve and standardize the quality of care in all facilities in the state. B. lower the cost of childcare. C. make it easier for parents to find childcare. D. make childcare ...

science help
According to the law of conservation of mass, what should the product side of this single replacement reaction look like? Zn+2HCl--->? A. H2ZnCl2 B. H2+Zn+Cl2 C. H2+ZnCl2 D. ZnCl2 Is the answer D? pls help me

phy 111
1 An ideal gas undergoes a cycle of processes as shown in the p-V diagram gases . Which statement correctly describes the situation? Click here to see exhibit The internal energy of the gas increases over one complete cycle Over the entire cycle, work is done by the gas. The ...

Pschology 202
1. David is somewhat afraid of flying. When he is required to travel on business, he prefers to take a train or drive if the distance is short enough that he can arrive on schedule. However, if the distance is long and driving does not make sense, he will fly because he does ...

Part 2: Complete the following math problems by using the Law of Momentum Conservation. Formulas: i. Momentum = (mass) * (velocity) ii. Impulse = (Applied force) * (time) and Impulse = Change in Momentum iii. Applied Force = (Change in Momentum) / (time) iv. For multiple ...

Three identical metal spheres are hung from a ceiling on rigid non-conducting rods. Sphere 1, sphere 2, and sphere 3 have charges 75 µC, −44 µC, and 50 µC, respectively. Each sphere is separated by 0.15 m. What is the net electric force on the middle sphere due to ...

Ethics in Technology
Which of these statements about the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is true? A. The NCIC databases contain about 40 million records. B. Improper use of the NCIC has led to about 1 million false arrests. C. Local law enforcement agencies enter most of the information ...

Ethics in Technology
Which of the following laws does NOT provide some sort of authorization for governmental wiretapping? A. Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act B. Electronic Communications Privacy Act C. Federal Communications Act D. Communications Assistance for Law ...

Tetraphosphorus (P4), commonly known as white phosphorus, forms different compounds with chlorine (Cl2) depending on the amount of chlorine present. If chlorine is limited, phosphorus trichloride (PCl3) is formed. If there is an excess of chlorine, phosphorus pentachloride (...

1. Which of the following are accurate statements regarding the origins of county government? (1 point) County seats served as social and economic hubs. County governments gave rural Georgians a voice in the legislature. The county seat contained the courthouse. all of the ...

Social Studies
8. Which of the resolutions at Seneca Falls Convention was most inspired by married women's inability to own property? () desire for improved education in order to understand property contracts (x) belief that women should have voting rights in order to change property laws...

18. Calculate ƒ´H for the following reaction using Hess law H2 (g) + Br2 (g) ¡÷ 2 HBr (g) Experimental information 2 H+ ¡÷ H2 ƒ´H -436.4 kJ 2 Br- ¡÷ Br2 ƒ´H -192.5 kJ 2 H+ + 2 Br- ¡÷2 HBr ƒ´H -144.8 kJ

17. Calculate ƒ´H of strontium carbonate using Hess law Sr + C (graphite) + 3/2 O2 ¡÷ SrCO3 Experimental information SrO ¡÷ Sr + 1/2 O2 ƒ´H 592 kJ SrO + CO2 ¡÷ SrCO3 ƒ´H -234 kJ 2 C (graphite) + 2 O2 ¡÷ 2 CO2 ƒ´H -788 kJ .

Several employees have been handing out union pamphlets in the parking lot of the hospital. Employees are talking about whether to join the union or not. Some of the managers have joined together and fired employees who were interested in the union to keep the union out. In ...

us history
Which of these actions did President Lincoln take at the beginning of the Civil War? He declared martial law throughout the nation. He imprisoned congressional representatives from the South. He issued a declaration of war without the consent of Congress. He used his emergency...

14. When you first started your new business, you were so excited about the large volume of orders you had. One year later, you find that your orders are less than half of what they were in the beginning. What is the most probably cause of this decrease in order? A. You've ...

19. The price for predictability is often A. long hours. B. long-term boredom. C. stress and insecurity. D. increased self-confidence. I think D or a

12. You start a new business selling a product that's the best of its kind on the market. In addition to this product, what must you have to be successful? A. Good marketing B. Sales experience C. A large staff D. A franchise license I think b or a

I need help with this question, I have to write a paragraph to support an opinion and I don't understand this question. When Scrooge tells Marley that Marley was always a good man of business. In Act 1 scene 3 of a Christmas Carol Scrooge and Marley, Marley responds Business, ...

How does the law in Malaysia treat illegitimate children in the context of their status, maintenance, custody and succession?

A force of 112 N acts on 35 kg box which moves at a steady speed across the floor. The force is directed 40 degrees above the ground. How to state Newton's second law using x components and y components? x: -Fa(cos40) -Ff=ma and y: -Fa(sin40)+Fn-Fg=0? How do you calculate ...

Applegate Industries is planning to expand its production facility in a few years. New plant construction costs are estimated to be $4.50 per square foot. The company invests $850,000 today at 8% interest compounded quarterly. How many square feet of new facility could be ...

1. What percentage of new businesses fail in the first year? A. 40 percent B. 60 percent C. 25 percent D. 75 percent I think it's A. But not sure

Business statistics
5. An Aspirin manufacturer fills bottles by weight rather than by count. Since each bottle should contain 100 tablets, the average weight per tablet should be 5 grains. Each of 100 tablets taken from a large lot is weighed, resulting in a sample average weight per tablet of 4....

Business statistics
4. A study of the ability of individuals to walk in a straight line (“Can We Really Walk Straight?”, Amer. J. of Physical Anthro., 1992:19-27) reported the accompanying data on cadence (strides per second) for a sample of 20 randomly selected individuals. 0.95 0.82 0.92 0....

Business statistics
3. Determine the t-critical value for a two-sided confidence interval in each of the following situations. a. Confidence level = 95%, df = 15 b. Confidence level = 99%, n = 5. c. Confidence level = 95%, n = 15 d. Significance level = 0.01, df = 37

Business statistics
2. Each of the following is a large-sample confidence interval for μ, the mean resonance frequency (HZ) for all tennis rackets of a certain type. (114.4, 115.6), (114.1, 115.9) a. What is the value of the sample mean resonance frequency? b. Both intervals were calculated ...

Business statistics
1. Suppose the estimate of a proportion of a normal population is to be within 0.05 using the 95% confidence level. How large a sample is required if: a. It is known from previous studies that p = 0.3? b. There is no prior knowledge of p?

If a business is purchased by the issue of 10000 $10 8% debentures trading at $95, how much is the purchase consideration? I did 10000x95, but the answer in the key is  option D instead, 95000, not 950,000... I'm totally confused..

Business communication
Break up these sentences into shorter, more readable: 1- Records were set Wednesday by both the new york stock exchange composite index, which closed at 8,001.40 up 27.08 points, topping its previous high of 7,986.5, and standard & poor's 500 index, which finished at 1,264.06...

Business communication
use concrete, specific words with the right shade of meaning for: 1-we have found that young man are best for this work. 2- she makes good grades. 3- John lost a fortune in Las Vegas. 4- If we don't receive the goods soon, we will cancel.

How can I create a new restaurant that follows a blue ocean strategy? I am trying to find a way to attract a target market that would not usually be a target market or make the restaurant sell something or have a unique running style that makes it different and categorized in ...

Business mathematics
Find the compound interest on 650 in 5 years at 4% per annum

Human Resource Management
Please look over my work for accuracy. thank you 3. Which one of the following situations is an example of overall cost leadership? A. A dress manufacturer wants to make its product unique in its category. B. A company that manufactures school desks is looking for ways to make...

Chemistry (Aspirin Synthesis- Unreacted SA
To determine the yield of your ASA synthesis, you can quantify the amount of unreacted SA Weigh out 0.15 g of your crude ASA into a clean tared 7 mL vial. Record exact mass. 2) Add 5 mL ethanol. 3) Cap vial and mix well. 4) Transfer the above solution into a 50 mL volumetric ...

1)Thallium (I) is oxidized by cerium (IV) as follows: Tl+ + 2 Ce+4  Tl+3 + 2 Ce+3 The elementary steps, in the presence of Mn(II), are as follows: Step 1 Ce+4 + Mn+2 --- Ce+3 + Mn+ Step 2 Ce+4 + Mn+3 ---- Ce+3 + Mn+4 Step 3 Tl+ + Mn+4 ----- Tl+3 + Mn+2 (a) Identify the...

. In __________ trials, the judge is both the trier of law and the trier of fact. A) de novo B) bench C) jury D) pro se I have a feeling it could be bench

Business Management
What kinds of queries would be useful to Woodcraft, assuming that it wants to improve its sales, relationship with its customers, or other aspects of its business? Describe what information you might want to select from the database in the form of a query, and list the ...

maths literacy,tourism,business studies and economics
Which careers should I follow with these subjects?

History Check Please (Don't Be Mean)
1. LULAC supported Coal miners’ pension rights. union interests. Mexican Americans’ rights. African Americans’ rights. 2. The federal government tried to help farmers in all these ways EXCEPT paying them to plant trees as windbreaks. paying them to plant clover to ...

life science,business studies,tourism and maths literacy
What can I become with this subjects?

life science,tourism,business studies,maths literacy
What can I become with this subjects?

I need help finding and article or news story to help my argument that Refusing to accept EBT cards is prejudicial. And that law makers should not banned EBT cards in fast food restaurants for the many card holders.

social studies
1.__________ introduced Europeans to Muslim inventions, such as the astrolabe that helped sailors navigate the seas. a)the Crusades,*** b)the Reconquista c)the Vikings d)the Magana Carta 3.king granted land to lords who in turn granted land to knights under the system called a...

social studies
1.__________ introduced Europeans to Muslim inventions, such as the astrolabe that helped sailors navigate the seas. a)the Crusades, b)the Reconquista c)the Vikings d)the Magana Carta *** 2.In Athens the system of government became a direct democracy, in which the people ...

Samantha Roberts has a job as a pharmacist earning $30,000 per year, and she is deciding whether to take another job as the manager of another pharmacy for $40,000 per year or to purchase a pharmacy that generates a revenue of $200,000 per year. To purchase the pharmacy, ...

Samantha Roberts has a job as a pharmacist earning $30,000 per year, and she is deciding whether to take another job as the manager of another pharmacy for $40,000 per year or to purchase a pharmacy that generates a revenue of $200,000 per year. To purchase the pharmacy, ...

For the normal force exerted on the book by the wedge in the diagram, which force(s) complete(s) the force pair for Newton’s third law (action-reaction)? 1) the sum of the component of gravity perpendicular to the surface of the incline and the component of Fhand ...

English help :)
Aunt Elizabeth’s Dream Matthew Ramirez 1United States, 1919. Hanna and her sister, Ali, anxiously await their mother’s return. Their mother, who is the niece of the late Elizabeth Cady Stanton, is out voting for the first time since the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment...

business law
Drafting on partnership deed

business math
Stereo Inc. sells a stereo system for $500 down and monthly payments of $60 for the next 4 years. If the interest rate is 1.75% per month, find: a) The cost of the stereo. b) The total amount of interest paid.

rate law chem
can rate law concentrations on opposite sides of the equation cancel? Say you have ethanol on the right side of an equation and it comes up again in another equation but on the left, do they cancel?

rate law chemistry
hey so this is for rate law if the first step is the slow step. it is also an equilibrium. I just want to check if this is right. [Acetophenone]+[Ethoxide]<-k1--> k-1 [Intermediate]+[Ethanol] Just want to make sure this will be the rate law: k1/k-1 [Acetophone][Ethoxide...

Ethics and Technology
Objectivism is based on the idea that: A. there are no universal moral principles. B. morality has an existence outside the human mind. C. morality and law are identical. D. there is no such thing as free will. is it B

business math
This question is based on a standard modeling problem in business. The unit cost of a item (or drink or chemical) affects how much of the thing is sold. The revenue is the amount of money raised from sales. Hence, raising price should drop sales, but that may result in more ...

A proportionate tax consumes a determinate apportionment of one’s monetary flow.

An artist is asked to create a painting of a politician, Illustrating qualities of power and benevolence. Which visual composition best suits these goals. A. the politician bending down from the stage to shake the hands of his supporters. B. the politician on a platform high ...

Which of the following is the lead? "On Wednesday, the Department of Justice released the utterly devastating results of its investigation of the Ferguson Police Department." "When people say “Black Lives Matter,” they’re not referring only to the lives lost, but also to...

Hello!I was wondering if anybody had the time to help me with this question. I am not sure what equation to use with three polarizing filters! I thought we use Malus' Law, but doesnt seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! The question: Unpolarized light passes ...

“It is fifty-one years since we first met, and we have been busy through every one of them, stirring up the world to recognize the rights of women,” Susan B. Anthony wrote her friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1902. The letter, in honor of Stanton’s eighty-seventh ...

I need to create a business idea using the blue ocean strategy but I cannot think of anything that would work. Can anyone recommend some ideas?

A M2= 6.40 kg mass is released from rest at height h = 6.60 m . Using the law of conservation of energy, determine the speed of the M1= 2.70 kg mass just as the M2= 6.40 kg mass hits the ground.

Dear Ms. Sue, thank you for your answer. I'm not a native speaker, but I also feel that "Higher Educational Institution" sounds a bit strange, however, it's the official name of the institution (in all documents), so do you think Public Stock Company "Higher Educational ...

Hello. I would really appreciate some help. I need to translate the official name of a company into English. Please have a look and say whether the result sounds natural English: Public Joint Stock Company "Higher Educational Institution Delika Business University". (Delika is...

how can we derive the work-energy theorem form Newton's second law of motion?

Business Statistics
A firm claims that only 10% of it's accounts receivables are over 30 days past due. The bank that supplies working capital or interim loans to the firms is suspect of the figure and accordingly takes a random sample of 100 accounts of the firm. Find the probability that the ...

Business Statistics
A marketing class is engaged in a project to estimate the proportion of homes receiving both HBO and Showtime cable service. The class plans to use a confidence coefficient of 0.95 and a maximum error of the estimate equal to 0.10. Determine the sample size for the class to use.

Business Statistics
A filling machine is designed to fill soda bottles with 16 ounces of soda. The distribution for the weight of the bottles is normal. Twenty bottles are selected and weighed. The sample mean is 15.3 ounces and sample standard deviation is 1.5 ounces. Develop a 90% confidence ...

Business Statistics
There are 300 students enrolled in Business Statistic. Historically, exam scores are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 30.9. Your instructor randomly selected a sample of 30 examinations and finds a mean of 74.2. Determine a 90% confidence interval for the mean...

business math
marylin was supposed to pay $1460 to Bernice by March 2. Some time later Marylin paid Bernice an equivalent of $1552.84, allowing for a time value of money of 3.9% compounded monthly. When did marylin make the payment?

business math 2
If the demand equation for a particular commodity is y=28-5x, where y is the unit price in pesos and x is the quantity in units, find the total revenue function and marginal revenue function.

Asha, Nangila and Cherop contributed shilling 60,000,shilling 85,000 and shilling 105 000 respectively. They agreed to put 25% of the profit back into business each year. They also agreed to put aside 40% of the remaining profit to cater for taxes and insurance. The rest of ...

12th Grade
What career can I study if I am doing this subject: Mathamatical literacy ,Accounting , Economics And Business studies anyone who can help?

Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is an important agricultural industrial chemical as it provides readily available nitrogen for plant growth, and one can buy 50. pounds of ammonium nitrate for $38. Urea (CO(NH2)2) is an attractive alternative, and, not being a pre-cursor to an ...

business maths
For an investment to double in value during a 12-year period, a. What annually compounded rate of return must it earn? (Round your answer to two decimal places.) Annually compounded rate of return % b. What monthly compounded rate of return must it earn? (Round your answer to ...

Math (Pre-Calc)
Use the Law of Sines to solve for all possible triangles that satisfy the given conditions. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one decimal place. Below, enter your answers so that ∠A1 is smaller than ∠A2.) b = 74, c = 84, ∠B = 58...

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